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 Faction Daily Locations (WIP)

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PostSubject: Faction Daily Locations (WIP)   29/01/16, 02:29 pm

Below are the locations for all faction dailies in the game (as we know them). They become available around level 25+, and doing them awards you with Faction Insignias (used for guild lvl up/crafts) as well as faction points, money and soulstones (at higher levels).

To take and complete a faction quest you will need to be wearing the Cerulean Order uniform before talking to the relevant NPC. You can also directly windstride to the other cerulean outposts while wearing it, saving time. Some quests also require you to be of a certain rank and/or complete a prequel quest to unlock them.

Total: 14 Faction Insignia/day (at lv45)

Viridian Coast
1 Faction Daily

Click for Map:

1x @ Wanderer's Hut (Pondskip Vale)
- lv17+
- Requires you to have completed it at least once.

- Rewards:
1 Faction Insignia
1 Viridian Reward Chest
270 exp
NO faction contribution points
6 copper

The Cinderlands
6 Faction Dailies

Click for Map:

1x @ Wispwater Spring (Tomun Range)
- lv20+
- Requires you to have completed it at least once.

- Rewards:
1 Faction Insignia
10 Faction contribution points
1400 exp
40 copper

3x @ Cerulean Command Post (Scorching Sands)
- lv25+
- Requires you to have completed the red prequel quest from Sandstone Refuge to unlock.

- Rewards:
1*3 Faction Insignias
20*3 Faction contribution points
540+540+2500 exp
43+43+53 copper

2x @ Cerulean Overlook (Razorwing Ravine)
- lv35+
- Requires rank [Private] or above.

- Rewards:
1*2 Faction Insignias
30+60 Faction contribution points
810+2600 exp
66+80 copper

Moonwater Plains
9 Faction Dailies

Click for Map:

2x @ Cerulean Beach Outpost (Hogshead Pasture)
- lv37+
- Requires rank [Private] or above.

- Rewards:
1+2 Soulstones
1*2 Faction Insignias
40*2 Faction contribution points
(4silver 60copper)*2

7x @ Cerulean WarTent (Misty Woods)
- lv44+ (The quests do not appear to be lvl bound as long as other requirements are met)
- Requires rank [Private] or above.
- Requires completing Story Line - Act III and the available pre-quest upon story completion
- 5 solo quests + 1 PvP quest + 1 OW boss quest (Blackwyrm)

- Solo quest rewards:
1*5 Faction Insignias
30+30+30+30+50 Faction contribution points
14 Soulstones or 5 Soulstone pouches (No risk option: pick no pouches. Feeling lucky?: Pick pouch if option exists between pouch and 2 soulstones and pick 4 soulstones for the quests which give it)
(8silver 50copper) *5
990+3800+4800+990+990 exp

- PvP quest reward:
1 Faction Insignia
50 Faction contribution points
Either 2 soulstones or 1 soulstone pouch
12 silvers
2100 exp

- Blackwyrm quest reward:
1 Faction insignia
60 Faction contribution points
Blackwyrm reward chest
13 silvers
2200 exp

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Faction Daily Locations (WIP)
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