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 [Daily] Regias Halloween Event - #3 (Finished)

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PostSubject: [Daily] Regias Halloween Event - #3 (Finished)   14/10/14, 08:43 pm

Greetings, Regians!

Here is the daily Halloween event for 15th October!
!! Answers must be submitted before 16th October midnight (23:59 @ GMT+0) !!
You will need to use your forum account to submit your answer and be eligible to receive rewards.
For more info on the events and rewards, see: http://regias.forumotion.net/t416-october-event-a-regian-halloween

Find the Pumpkins! (Forum)
Several of the pumpkins have escaped and hidden themselves in the forum.
Your task: Find the pirate captain pumpkin & his 3 lackeys before the time is up!

*Note: Do -not- bother going through all the numerous topics/posts, they are not there!

Once you have found them all, PM me their locations.
(Click here: )

Posting the locations in this thread will disqualify you from the event!

Good luck!

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[Daily] Regias Halloween Event - #3 (Finished)
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