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 [Daily] Regias Halloween Event - #4 (Finished)

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PostSubject: [Daily] Regias Halloween Event - #4 (Finished)   15/10/14, 08:44 pm

Greetings, Regians!

Here is the Halloween event for 16th & 17th October!
!! Answers must be submitted before 18th October midnight (23:59 @ GMT+0) !!
You will need to use your forum account to submit your answer and be eligible to receive rewards.
For more info on the events and rewards, see: http://regias.forumotion.net/t416-october-event-a-regian-halloween

..And See the World (Aion)
Aion has many visually appealing places that are often overlooked. Broaden your view on Atreia and visit some of them.

Task: Visit the Sneeze Crater in Theobomos, Middlevile in Inggison, and ride the Dandelion from Garldar Village to Anaz Forest in Sarpan.
Take screenshots of you being in said places (and of you 'flying' the dandelon in midair) as evidence and send them to me via PM. Note: You will need to be -in- the crater, not outside Wink

(Click here: )

Locations are in the spoiler below to help you on your way.


- To get into the Sneeze Crater, you will need to jump & glide up at one of the nearby geysers at the moment the waterstream bursts out.
- For the Dandelion ride (idea by Nibby), kill the 'Giant Astriclox' flower at the location specified and then right-click one of the small versions found on the ground afterwards.

Good luck!
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[Daily] Regias Halloween Event - #4 (Finished)
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