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 Behind Regias: Guild History, Meaning & Setting

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PostSubject: Behind Regias: Guild History, Meaning & Setting   09/10/12, 01:01 pm

Regias: Guild History & Meaning
Read up on the guild's history & find out the meaning behind "Regias". Complete the mini-quiz at the end and earn yourself an in-game reward and rare forum badge.

What Regias is to you ultimately depends on none other but yourself. You may have heard this quote somewhere else on our forum. Indeed, to some Regias is just the name of an Aion or BnS guild. To others it is a place where they can meet others and socialize as they go about playing games. To yet others, Regias is a place to settle down at after all in a day's work in the office and just relax. Whatever Regias is or will be to you, let is be known that there actually is a history and meaning behind this rather unusual name. A history and meaning you are about to find out.

Meaning of Regias
Regias (pronounced 'ree-jee-ah s) is based on the Latin word regius (royal). We replaced one letter to give it our own, individual twist and also because we thought it simply sounded better. The reason as to why we chose a word related to royal is because we were tired of seeing the drama, elitism and overall appalling manners that seem to infest the majority of the MMO communities out there. The word royal had a sophisticated ring to it, and by selecting it we essentially set a goal and reminder for how we wanted ourselves and our (future) members to behave: in a sophisticated and relaxed, or 'royal' manner. This concept was the start of our "Real Life 1st" and "No Drama" policy.

You will see this concept of "royal" resurface in-game and on the forum in various ways -- in Aion, for instance, we are named the Regias Corps (i.e. the "Royal Corps") and use a modified version of the Fleur de lis, a symbol associated with the French royalty, as our guild emblem. The latter also appears as the read/unread post indicator on our forum.

[Trivia] In Aion, those with keen eyes may also notice there is something written on our legion cloak: Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat (Fortune favors the strong/bold). This is intended to be a sort of motivational reminder for people to keep striving for their goals. The mixing of Latin elements (guild name, guild slogan) and French elements (guild crest/symbol) also acts reference to our global community: the mixing of people and cultures from all over the world and uniting them under the 'regian banner'.

Regias Expeditions

2015 - ???

Blade & Soul is Regias' third title. After a prolonged stay in Aion and a brief stay in TERA, periods during which we built much of the memberbase you still see in the present day, we have moved on to a new adventure. In this new land, brimming with kung-fu and breathtaking sceneries, we hope to give a continuation to the guild's legacy and grow further as a group while maintaining the real life first or "let's be relaxed" aspect of the guild that has been guiding us all this time. Seeing as BnS features an extensive clan system, teamwork assumes a crucial role and thus is expected from all members.

- Established the guild during Closed Beta (Weekend 1).
- Reached Guild Level 3 during Closed Beta.

The Regias Corps
2013 - 2015

Aion was Regias' first game, and home to the <Regias Corps> (i.e. the "Royal Corps"). Coming in the form of a Lv.8 PvEvP legion, it provided its members with a fun and enjoyable ride in a relaxed and friendly environment while at the same time encouraging them to pursue their ambitions and get their "daily check" of instances or PvP in. Members were expected to adhere to the "help, and be helped in return" policy and band together when we assembled to bring the legion to greater heights, for instance through legion tasks. Teamwork and a sense of unity were vital components behind the guild's success in AION.

- Served ~2.7 years in Aion NA.
- Reached Legion Level 8 (twice), the highest attainable legion level in Aion.
- Reached over 100+ active members.[/center]

Guild History
Click to Show/Hide Contents:

The Place with the Eternal Sunset

Before venturing into AionNA we decided that our guild would have to be something that we and others could call "home". This is often associated with a village or town. We also decided that it would have to be something that could stand the test of time. Together with our love for Aion's lore and a lot of coffee, this resulted in the following:

Click to Show/Hide Contents:

Regias Quiz
Test your knowledge by participating in our quiz! The answers to all questions can be found above. Get at least 6 out of 8 questions right for a gift in one of the games we play, as well as the [Lorekeeper] Achievement Badge for your forum profile.

  1. What does the name Regias mean?
  2. What was Regias' first game?
  3. What was the name of our Aion guild?
  4. In what year did the guild start?
  5. In what year did we venture into Blade & Soul?
  6. Who were Regias' first and second members? (founders)
  7. What is Regias' trademark greeting/signature line?
  8. What are the citizens/members of Regias called?

You can submit your answers to me via PM (click the botton below):

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Behind Regias: Guild History, Meaning & Setting
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