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 Regias - Global Guild Rules / Houserules

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PostSubject: Regias - Global Guild Rules / Houserules   04/02/16, 10:37 am

Also posted in the Apply section, but it won't hurt to have this in multiple places.

Guild Rules
Experience has taught us that we often tend to overlook the very things we take for granted. So, rather than considering this as a set of rules or prescribed way of behaving, instead consider this a reminder of what we perceive as "common sense" around these parts.

Decree of Regian Order

As long as you are a member of Regias you are expected to adhere to the houserules found below.
You also agree that upon repeated (or single, depending on the severity) violation of one or multiple of these rules we reserve the right to remove you from the guild at any given time.

Short / tl;dr version

  1. The "I'm too old for that shit" (or: "leave drama at the door")
    Real life and social media will gladly provide you with your daily dosage of drama, so at the very least we want to make sure that we don't have to be confronted with it online as well. Being cool, relaxed, mature and open-minded about things just makes life so much easier.
  2. Respect and be Respected (or: "you can't shake hands with closed fists")
    In every community you are bound to encounter some people you can't get along with. Ignoring, blocking or just being neutral with them not only saves you a lot of energy, but is also way more efficient and less childish than namecalling. I can confirm that this works; how else do you think so many of our guys have been able to put up with me?
  3. Your actions represent the whole (or: "Enjoy Responsibility: The Game™")
    As long as the <Regias> tag is proudly displayed underneath your name you are the ambassador of the guild. Your actions, both the good and the bad reflect on the guild as a whole. It would therefore be great if we can place our faith in your common sense and you not partaking in activities that reflect poorly upon us as a whole.

Full / Long version:
A note on Behavior wrote:
While everyone is different and we agree that individual personalities should be maintained (where possible), we do like to remind everyone that the guild should be treated as a public place, and that you should therefore adjust your actions where (and if) necessary. We would therefore greatly appreciate it if you do not indulge yourself activities such as...

- Badmouthing/Trashtalking other players and/or guilds. In every guild and game there are bound to be people you can't get along with. You can and should opt to either block them, ignore them, or talk it out via whisper as grown adults.
- Drama: If something serious is on your mind or bothering you can always talk about it. We however do -not- need hourly reminders about how unfair X is, QnQ, being forced to witness to e-lover quarrels, or other, petty complaints that are essentially just attention whoring in disguise. There are services like Facebook, Twitter and others available if that is what you are after -- but do not bring it here.
- Several 18+ subjects (e.g. repeated/thorough sex talk or allusions, talk about guro/gruesome matters etc.) or anything else that is generally perceived by society to be disturbing or too much is not welcome. I am sure there are communities out there somewhere on this enormous web that cater to that if that is your thing but, again, the guild should be treated as a public place. We generally like to finish our days on a good note, not with an "I feel like puking" feeling in our stomachs.
- The usage of hacks/bots/cheats or other game-breaking exploits that are prohibited by the ToS (Terms of Service) of the concerning game are prohibited here as well. Using such things is entirely your own risk, and if you are caught hacking do not count on our support -- you will be dropped faster than Lance Armstrong by his own foundation.
- Ripping off or scamming fellow guild members (e.g. charging someone a way higher price than what an item is actually worth or offering a way lower price than something is worth) and/or (intentionally) leading them to opposing faction members for easy AP/GP/Prestige Point/whatever farming for your alts/friends is just bad sportsmanship. Being a poor sport to fellow guildmembers is actually one of the rules of which we take violations -very- poorly, to the point where it may result in an immediate kick.
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Regias - Global Guild Rules / Houserules
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