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 A Lesson in Guild History - Take the Regias Quiz!

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PostSubject: A Lesson in Guild History - Take the Regias Quiz!   04/09/15, 09:18 am

Greetings, Regians!

Regias is many things to many people. Just an (odd) name to some, an Aion guild for getting the daily Barracks/ORB done to others, a vast and warm gaming community to yet others. But did you know both the term 'regias' itself and the guild have a history dating back to the time of the guild's creation in 2012?

As we are approaching our third birthday as a guild, we decided to revamp and update an article containing something every Regian may know to some extent, and should know to some extent: the guild's history.

In the [[Plaza of Art & Creativity]] you will now find a topic explaining the meaning, concept and history behind Regias. It is right there on top the topic list, but here's a link for the energy conserving types among us: regias.forumotion.net/t10-behind-regias-meaning-setting-history

Think you got the basics down? Take the quiz for your chance at the new [[Lorekeeper]] forum achievement and a pet of your choice in Aion (pet minder NPC).
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A Lesson in Guild History - Take the Regias Quiz!
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