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 Siege Battle Mission Legion Tasks

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PostSubject: Siege Battle Mission Legion Tasks   26/06/15, 01:31 pm


Here is some information regarding the Siege Battle Mission legion tasks (press: Shift + J in-game) that are required for applying for the territory challenge.

The bottom task is pretty straightforward (kill 6 Asmos), so let us instead focus on the concept of 'Volatile Rifts' that are crucial for completing the first two tasks: Mutant Monster Mash and Frenzied Monsters in the Fray.

Volatile Rifts
Every weekday at 19.00 PM server time (~1.00 AM @ GMT+0), one or multiple special rifts will open in Cygnea/Enshar. These are called 'volatile rifts': they have the same appearance/map icon as normal rifts, but a different name. They appear one of the three group/elite monster areas, and lead to the opposing map's corresponding group/elite monster area.

On Saturday and Sunday, the rifts will appear earlier (around 1400h/2PM server time = ~21.00h/9PM @ GMT+0). This way, non-NA players can do them too.

When the faction goes through them, special 5-star elite monsters will appear in the other side of the rift. Kill 10 of them, and you will have completed 1 legion task.

Things are complicated by two reasons:
- The opposing faction will also be at the exit point of these rifts, raiding groups of our faction since they also need those special monsters.
- You'll be competing with other Elyos groups.

So, I recommend taking one or multiple legion groups (not alliances) with you to do them effectively, or joining a group that already is there.


Mutant Monster Mash:
For the 1st task, you need to go to the Asmodian exits of the rifts and kill the monsters that appear in the group areas on our map:

Exit Locations:

Frenzied Monsters in the Fray:
For the 2nd task, you need to travel to Enshar and kill the special elites there.
Entry/Exit Locations:
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PostSubject: Re: Siege Battle Mission Legion Tasks   07/10/15, 02:16 pm

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Siege Battle Mission Legion Tasks
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