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 Playing around with the legion emblem

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PostSubject: Playing around with the legion emblem   25/12/13, 10:40 pm

Well, hmm, I really wanted the legion background color to be white since it affects the color of the legion's wings, but I've been told that our emblem doesn't go well with a white background. So I've asked Lya for the image to try something with it and now I'm posting the results here to see what everyone thinks (my photoshop skills aren't the best so consider these like examples for the concept I'm proposing).

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PostSubject: Re: Playing around with the legion emblem   28/12/13, 02:33 pm


There seems to be other members with an interest in a white legion background colour, so we will run a poll once we are Lv8. Majority will decide, and there on we will see where we can go with this.


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Playing around with the legion emblem
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