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 Looking for fun active Legion [A]

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PostSubject: Looking for fun active Legion [A]   08/10/14, 07:23 pm

In-Game Name: Zanthis
Game: Aion Elyos SL
Level / Class: lvl 47 / Templar  (my first and only character on SL thus far)
Country/Timezone (optional): USA / CST

Referral: Aion forums
Past Legions / Reason(s) for quitting: Cannot remember name right now, been in so short of time.  Wanting more active friendly legion.

Why do you want to join the Regias Project?: Looking for fun active Legion.

Describe Regias' Second Rule in your own words*: Treating other well, as you would want to be treated!
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for fun active Legion [A]   08/10/14, 11:44 pm


Welcome to our humble forum and thanks for your application. I think you're good to go, so I'll just approve this and send you on your way Smile You can reach either of the officers found here (regias.forumotion.net/t35-aion-guild-info-in-game-officers) for an invite -- though I do recommend picking someone from around your timezone to maximize the chances of catching one x]

Pride & Glory,


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Looking for fun active Legion [A]
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