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 Phantasy Star Online 2 <3

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PostSubject: Phantasy Star Online 2 <3   Phantasy Star Online 2 <3 I_icon_minitime29/01/15, 06:38 pm

Some have heard of the game and some have been waiting for the Official English version to be released for years now. I don't recommend this game to those who are not savy with successful tinkering or those who do not have a basic understanding of the Japanese Language though both can be lacking and one can still register, get the game running, and have a blast.

The first video I will link isn't the best to showcase what lurks inside this jewel from the Phantasy Star Universe but it does highlight some of the features I also enjoyed. Mainly being the ability to take off auto-target and use skill to do more damage or in my case, take on swarms of enemies at the same time by listening to their position in surround sound and using twitch reaction to turn/land precise shots on enemies. Oh yea, link to video...der....

The community is a lot of fun but I play on a mainly Japanese ship. I want to say Ship 3 but I haven't been in-game for some time since my computer was 5 states away for the last year and I am currently updating the client so I can play once again and follow up this post with my own videos. I do remember many of the US players being extremely annoying since they weren't as skillful or capable of progression in personal ability along with their hacking and social disruptions. This is not limited to Americans but those who fall into the categories of obnoxious for no good reason but personal lolz. "e-tards" are everywhere and science is still trying to find a legal way to launch them into space and spare intelligent monkeys.

The following video is one of content I haven't tried since I lost access to my PC a little over a year ago and before that, had most of my newer hardware stolen while in Pennsylvania causing me to settle for gear that was barely capable of 30fps on the lowest settings. I still haven't recovered from that and am running games on 4-6 year old tech so please forgive me if I crash get slowed down while playing Aion or other games. Maybe after this Republican state starts taking care of its disabled veterans I can afford to upgrade back to where I was when I used to play competitively. Oh yea... The video...

I enjoy the Ranger and Hunter Classes the most and hope to show you why in the next few hours when the game finishes updating. Doesn't help that I am downloading Tera in the background so I may finally experience it's content. I was wanting to play Tera just to bounce around like a Gummybear but the above issues came into play more than ever. In the next video you can see how some of the weapons are used by the different classes~

I really like the fact that you can change your class/subclass to change up how you want to play. I was able to learn the different roles which allowed me to work within the limits and perks of dynamic grouping.

For those that do wish to join I can provide some links to ways of getting registered, client downloaded/installed, and other goodies and if enough show interest, and after I reacquire said info back into my browser, will edit the original post so others can have easy access.

For now, this is what I can offer that I used in the past.


^ This is where I first got into the game after a friend gave me an invite to the Alpha+Beta Testing. It was a quick hop away from playing Final Fantasy XI and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst and I rarely went back for many months as PSO2 sunk it's claws deep into my very soul.


^This site is also bursting with resources and can be quite helpful in filling in the gaps missing from Bumped thanks to it's forum community.

Just so everyone knows, this is a Japanese game on overseas servers so if you live on the other side of the world, you may have hiccups. Also, because it "may" be released in other countries, the servers might not be the same meaning if you play on the current servers, you may bot be able to use your character upon 'Western' release. If this doesn't bother you then by all means, lets get a few Regalians together and invade another game.

Was able to get into the game and am on Ship 2^^

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Phantasy Star Online 2 <3
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