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 Mech Warrior Online

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PostSubject: Mech Warrior Online   10/10/13, 08:59 am


if you are into Mech Warriors lore, or just like to drive 100t heavy exoskeleton with armor and guns, you should try Mech Warriors Online. It's Free2Play, Canadian, crowd founded, PvP game with 12 'bots' in each team. It's still in development, but it's good enough already to take a ride or two.

What's special about that game? Customization! Take a look at this plan: STK-3F 3xPPC 16SRM

On this fan page you can plan your mech: add stronger (and heavier) engine, switch weapons, take whatever amount of ammo you think you will need, etc..

So if you wanna take a try, feel free to ask me for advice or for company in fight. Smile

Here link to official page where you can download it MWOnline

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Mech Warrior Online
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