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 Dream of Mirror Online (DoMo)

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Will you be playing?
Absolutely. I can't wait to get started! (Yes)
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Someday, somewhere, sometime..but not now. (Maybe)
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If I wanted to travel back in time I'd be watching Doctor Who.(No)
Dream of Mirror Online (DoMo) I_vote_lcap25%Dream of Mirror Online (DoMo) I_vote_rcap
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PostSubject: Dream of Mirror Online (DoMo)   Dream of Mirror Online (DoMo) I_icon_minitime22/11/14, 02:46 pm

So here's the revival of one of the 'founders' among MMOs. Published in 2007, shut down in 2012, and now coming back on demand.

DoMo basically is an MMO that delivers what these kind of games were supposed to be about in the first place, before greed/money making took over and things like social interaction/storyline/music were sacrificed in favour of generic 'modern' graphics and skimpy outfits. That something is social interaction. Whether you are sitting in the player towns, doing quests or leveling up, you'll always be doing it with other people. And the DoMo community is amazing in many ways.

Someone made a thread near the end of 2013 to ask a company to bring the game back. One year later, we are at nearly 700 pages, 6k likes and over 220k views. The GMs noticed us, and now the game is back. All thanks to community effort and initiative, 2 years after it shut down. How's that?

tl;dr DoMo is a cozy anime/cartoon-ish mmo based on myths of ancient china. Has unique multi-class system (can level all jobs + carry over skills from them to use with other jobs. Has unique jobs like Merchant (fight with money), Witch Doctor (Voodoo with bugs) etc.) and great community. You can fly in free 3D on your weapons. Graphics outdated, but very fitting for the style of the game. Soundtrack is superb. Enjoyable storyline.

-> A game that is about socializing, having fun, and doing so with a great community. No pressure, asshats or "nolife it or be left behind" situations.

@Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=321971665
@FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Of-Mirror-Online/1461965920740467

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Dream of Mirror Online (DoMo)
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