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 What crafting should i take

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PostSubject: What crafting should i take   24/10/13, 02:06 pm

Guys (and girls),
im thinking of starting to craft soon. What spec shall i take? I see some already got lvl max crafting for alchemy etc.

Gimmi advice Wink


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PostSubject: Re: What crafting should i take   24/10/13, 02:13 pm

~Moved to Crafting area.

Will answer later, busy with essay Razz


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PostSubject: Re: What crafting should i take   24/10/13, 02:24 pm

So far we have master Armor (me), Tailoring (Asp), Alch (Ciel, Becks, Botsy/Glocks(?) ), Handi (Ion, but idk how much he can play these days).

I think Apollimy is a cook, dunno what level though and I don't see him/her around much. Cooking is always in demand. Otherwise Weaponsmith is like the lotto - 2 or 3 good procs and you're rich.

Legion warehouse has some decent blue (proc gold) designs if that can influence you one way or the other. Also if you want to do crafting really seriously, think of joining the Wrights of Dawn - they have high-level designs you can buy with tokens from dailies. 200+ tokens for best stuff, avg 2/day.

Does anyone do construction any more?


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PostSubject: Re: What crafting should i take   02/02/15, 04:55 pm

I am working on cooking at 170 so far and starting weapon crafting hope it can be of help to guild
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PostSubject: Re: What crafting should i take   

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What crafting should i take
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