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 Ionto's (Handi)Crafting Corner

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PostSubject: Ionto's (Handi)Crafting Corner   26/07/13, 04:45 am

Handicrafting Master LVL 503
There is no charge for my services, however, I may require you to buy the recipes and/or mats

Its been unbelievable the amount of requests I have received as of late. To simplify the process of my craftable items, I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone the process involved in crafting items. Note that some items require more than one step. I.e. Nanyu Boards need to be crafted first from Nanyu Logs before you can use the boards for the Nanyu Bow. The Nanyu bow is pretty worthless though, aesthetic value aside, so you will want to upgrade it all the way to the eternal version which will require the basic bow upgraded to the green bow, and then again to the blue bow, then gold, then eternal. This can be quite a daunting task. To clarify I wanted to give an example.

Click here and search for Nanyu Bow in the search box. This will give a complete list of all mats required to make each stage of the bow.

Now to explain this chart. We will go in stages.

Stage one ~ (Craft: Nanyu Bow)

The (Craft: Nanyu Bow) has a chance to proc the greater output of (Noble Nanyu Bow). Should the (Noble Nanyu Bow) fail to proc three times, lord forbid, there is a recipe to create a (Craft: Noble Nanyu Bow) using the three lesser output bows (Nanyu Bow). The recipe for this is (Craft: Noble Nanyu Bow) ~ big surprise there.

Stage two ~ (Craft: Worthy Nanyu Bow)

Note this bow uses the (Noble Nanyu Bow) created in stage one. The lesser output is the (Worthy Nanyu Bow). The greater output is the (Worthy Noble Nanyu Bow). Should you fail to get the greater output of the (Worthy Noble Nanyu Bow) You will have to start at stage one again to build up to the (Noble Nanyu Bow) as it is consumed in the attempt to make the greater output of the (Worthy Noble Nanyu Bow). If this stage is failed 3 times, there is once again a recipe to create the (Worthy Noble Nanyu Bow). This recipe is called, with little surprise, (Craft: Worthy Noble Nanyu Bow) and uses all three lesser outputs (Worthy Nanyu Bow). Once this stage has successfully been completed and you have a fancy (Worthy Noble Nanyu Bow), you can proceed to the next stage.

Stage three ~ (Craft: Expert Nanyu Bow)

Once again you will be aiming for the greater output, the (Expert Noble Nanyu Bow). From here on out, there is no recipes for failed attempts at the greater output. Should you fail here, you will create the lesser output (Expert Nanyu Bow). At this point you can keep the bow, sell it or start over at stage one. Should you succeed in creating the greater output of the (Expert Noble Nanyu Bow), you will have the opportunity to advance to the next stage.

Stage four ~ (Craft: Master Nanyu Bow)

The lesser output of the bow is the fabled (Master Nanyu Bow). This bow isn't half bad. But it could be better. I am certain by now you can tell this is a painstaking, and potentially expensive step. Should you care to advance the bow further, you must start over at stage one. The greater output is the (Master Noble Nanyu Bow). This bow is an eternal class weapon and will advance you directly to the final stage.

Stage five ~ (Craft: Master Carved Nanyu Bow)

This step is nothing short of being OP and will carry you far. There is no greater output. You have successfully created the (Master Carved Nanyu Bow). CONGRATULATIONS!!! This bow is valued well over 100 million kinah.

Overwhelmed? Yeah, me too. I am sure by now you can tell that there is no true way to calculate how much these items are going to cost in mats to create. Now this is only one example. Some are just as complicated or even more so, others quiet less. To end today's lesson, I am providing a complete, pre 4.0 link containing every Handicraftable item available. Aion hasn't updated their online database for the 4.0 database yet so I will do my best to accommodate post 4.0 when it becomes available.

Handicrafting Database

Faith and arms Daevas.

May the odds be ever in your favor ~ The Hunger Games
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PostSubject: Re: Ionto's (Handi)Crafting Corner   26/07/13, 08:34 am

Wow, and you have 503 in this labyrinthine and convoluted process... I wonder, did getting there drive you mad, or do you have to be mad to get so far?

In any case congratulations on your rank and generosity, I'm very tempted to hire you for a Master Nanyu Staff, with an option on the Noble and hence the Master Carved versions - we'll have to see how I get on with getting the Anuhart Elite's staff. 4 DP runs to go...

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Ionto's (Handi)Crafting Corner
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