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 Crafting a Permanent Mount

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PostSubject: Crafting a Permanent Mount   04/01/14, 01:47 pm

I am getting some requests from people to make them a hoverbike (sharptooth) mount these days, so to address everyone in one go I decided to make a small shopping list of what you need Smile

10x Life Leaf: These are the main material and can be obtained from the Seasonal Agrint, a boss that appears once every 3 in-game seasons (every 72 real life hours) in Oriel. Stay out of the alliance and open the audrias (small rocks) on the ground that appear after the boss is killed: each contains 1 Life leaf. You need to do this a few times to get 10 via farming.

Seasonal Agrint - Spawn Schedule: http://aion.im/tree/
Seasonal Agrint - Locations: http://aion.im/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Spawnlocations.png

120x Nanyu Rod -OR- 480x Nanyu Log: You can buy those on broker or get the logs via Essencetapping. If choosing the latter I will refine them into rods.

Ores & Aether: I will need a total of 87x Brilliant Magical Aether (Fabled) & 76x Pure Magical Aether (Heroic) obtained through either aethertapping 400-475 nodes (Conqueror's Ravine in Inggison works great, 475p nodes) or buying them on broker so I can morph them into the ores.

I do not recommend buying the ores on the broker as this part is where you really can and should cut down the costs.

56.000.000 kinah: The recipe is 1-time use only and the 15x Processed Drana cannot be purchased anywhere else. 56mil kinah are the minimum costs for crafting a mount.

Is it worth it?
- If you farm the life leafs & aethers yourself -> Yes
- If you buy everything from broker -> No. Cheaper to buy the mount on broker.

You will get what was produced. Craft will 100% succeed, but I am not responsible for you getting your hopes up and being disappointed when you learn that your bike didn't proc into the gold version.

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Crafting a Permanent Mount
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