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 The Benefits of Fast-Track Server (FTS) vs. Standard Server

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PostSubject: The Benefits of Fast-Track Server (FTS) vs. Standard Server   27/01/13, 12:15 pm

With this thread I'd like give a short overview of the pros/cons of the Fast-Track Server (FTS) as compared to the standard server.

Fast-Track Server (PvE)
The FTS is designed for players who wish to level up fast. It is available for characters from lv.1~55 and on all pre-3.0 maps, with the exception of Sanctum/Pandaemonium, Oriel/Pernon and Silentera Canyon. It is set in a sort of alternative universe where Rifts and the Abyss do not exist, and your faction thus never met the opposing race after the Cataclysm. In this full PvE environment, you will receive double experience from all monsters you kill and all crafting/gathering you do.

New characters are automatically put in the Fast-Track Server. When trying to enter a map that does not exist on the FTS you will automatically be moved back to the Standard Server. The fast-track server adds a suffix to character names, such as AName-SL or AlsoAName-IS to distinguish the server they are from.


  • Double EXP rates from killing monsters / gathering / crafting (2x)
  • Way easier to find instance groups.
  • Play and interact with players from other servers (social & fun).
  • Can bind to a different location than on Standard Server.
  • Can access standard server broker.


  • Limited to lv.55 and lower.
  • Unable to do any Abyss Instances (exception: NTC) or Beshmundir Temple.
  • Cannot see influence ratio or ranking.
  • Once you 'graduate', you can no longer meet or talk with your friends from other servers.
  • Cannot Trade / Private Store (exception: temporary trade items ie. boss drops).
  • Cannot Mentor players.
  • Cannot send mail (but still receive/read).
  • Cannot be invited to legion / invite players to legion.
  • Cannot take legion tasks

Standard Server (PvPvE)

  • Normal EXP rate (1x)
  • Abyss / Rifts (PvP)
  • Access to the Abyss (& all Abyss Instances)
  • Can Trade / Private Store.
  • Can Add, Block or Mentor players.
  • Can be invited to legion / invite players to legion.
  • Can take legion tasks

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PostSubject: Re: The Benefits of Fast-Track Server (FTS) vs. Standard Server   22/09/13, 08:47 pm

You can now block people on FTS aswell.
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PostSubject: Re: The Benefits of Fast-Track Server (FTS) vs. Standard Server   28/01/15, 09:22 pm

Some of the things I consider when choosing which server I will be playing on are how/what I want to level. With Templar being my first choice while knowing little about the game, I think I would have played on standard more so I could level into my gear better instead of having it pieced together with average mana/enchantment stones. When I did get to the 40's I chose to make other characters this way I could sell and store many of the items I would get on my main. For them, playing on Fast-Track got them quickly to a level where I could run to Sanctum and other areas to expand storage and sell~sell~sell.

Three weeks into the game and things have been moving along very well even though I have chosen to keep my main on standard a bit longer so I can help friends on Fast-Track get through rough stuff. It has also been somewhat helpful to level slow on my main so I can focus collecting Abyss Points on it then logging out in my studio between Fast-Tracking the alts. I usually get paired up with people my level and actually get kills which is a nice change of pace from open world slaughter which I sometimes find myself huffing dust.

I know this post is mainly about the difference between the two but I wanted to highlight a few ways I have been able to use it to my advantage and am hoping others will be able to add in their experiences and practices. Much of the input I have gained from members and random players have changed the way I enjoy the game in wonderful ways and I hope to see the world through new eyes whenever possible~ See ya'll in chat since I can't see squat in Sanctum except SPAM sammiches ;p

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PostSubject: Re: The Benefits of Fast-Track Server (FTS) vs. Standard Server   

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The Benefits of Fast-Track Server (FTS) vs. Standard Server
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