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 Aion - Officer Roster (Guild Invites), Member Features & Benefits

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PostSubject: Aion - Officer Roster (Guild Invites), Member Features & Benefits   30/01/13, 03:38 pm

Below is the guild / legion info for our AION branch. This contains both the in-game names of our Aion officers and the legion-exclusive features that you, as a member, have access to.

You can contact any of the officers below for a legion invite for you or one of your alts. !! You need to be Standard Server to be able to contact them and be invited to the guild.
You can also try adding them as a friend (V -> Add -> addname) so that they can see it when you are online and/or you can reach them despite the chat level limit that may be in place.

< Regias Corps >
Server: Siel
Faction: Elyos


Veteran Officers
(Brigade General / Deputies)

RageOfGod (alt: Muschiulet)
Zikiri (alts: Jitzi, PizzaGirl)
TacoBandit (alts: Ixtly, SaxyToots)

Junior Officers

lShadowl (lower case "L")

Member Features
These are the exclusive legion-only features that you have access to by being a member:

  • Access to exclusive Legion NPCs and their services (see below).
  • Access to the Legion Warehouse.
  • Access to Legion Tasks that award Experience and Legion Coins. Press [Shift + J] while in-game (and on standard server) to see what tasks are available at the moment.
  • A cool cloak and good community.

In-Game Ranks
These are the various ranks that one can earn in the game.

  • Volunteer: Default rank for new members.
  • Legionary: Upon being with the legion for a while (~2+ weeks) -or- upon forum registration.
    - Legion Warehouse access.
    - Can activate legion-controlled artifacts.
  • Centurion: This position can be applied for during select moments.
    - Same permissions as Legionary
    - Can invite new members to the legion.
    - Can withdraw items from the Legion Warehouse
  • Deputy: Veteran Centurions that have been been with the legion for a significant amount of time and have proven themselves during this period can be selected for this position.
    - Same permissions as Centurion.
    - Can kick members from the legion.
  • Brigade General: Guild leader.

How can I help the legion?

  • Spread the word. Tell your friends.
  • Stick to the legion rules.
  • Donate spare items or kinah.
  • Simply enjoy your stay.

Member Feature: Legion NPCs
Legion Vendor & Legion Steward
Both are found at the [Legion Board] in Sanctum:
Click to show/hide:

Both NPCs sell a variety of items, such as legion-themed skins, kisks, housing accessories or other stuff. Many of the items incorporate an aspect of the legion in one way or ther other, such as the legion's background colors or the emblem. The inventory varies per NPC, as does the currency they accept.

Legion Vendor -> Sells items for kinah
Legion Steward -> Sells items for legion coins*

* Legion Coins can be obtained by doing legion tasks (Shift + J or Guild Menu > Tasks) or by doing the UAS instance.

Member Feature: Legion Warehouse
Access points are in the following areas:

  • Sanctum (Hall of Prosperity)
  • Terminon Landing (Storage area)
  • All siege fortresses that are Elyos-occupied in the Abyss and Inggison.
  • In all of the major cities or outposts.
  • In some of the camps/outposts in Cygnea.

The Legion Warehouse (LWH) is a shared warehouse that can be accessed by all members holding the < Legionary > rank or above. These users can freely freely deposit items and kinah in there. Items can be withdrawn by asking a Centurion or higher. You can request 3 item stacks per week. Items vary and range from enchantment stones and other consumables to crafting materials, instance boost scrolls and more.
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Aion - Officer Roster (Guild Invites), Member Features & Benefits
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