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 Dungeon System

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PostSubject: Dungeon System    15/09/15, 09:34 am

Dungeon System

It sounds like a rather simple thing to be writing a mini-guide on, but if you aren't familiar with a similar system, you may find it pretty foreign. This is mainly aimed at people who haven't played other versions of BnS or haven't actually explored dungeon content. Keep in mind that BnS doesn't apply the Trinity of DPS/Support/Tank, instead, each class has a different role when it comes to CCing or buffing/protecting the party depending on certain mechanics, but each class is essentisally a DPS.

The dungeon system in BnS is pretty unique in terms of providing different ways to find a party. There are 3 methods (other than directly inviting someone) to gather a party for specific dungeons: 

LFG System
Other than just typing "LFG (insert dungeon/class/lvl)" in chat, the F7 window allows you to search for party members on your server. This window will allow you to choose the dungeon you a recruiting for, amount of members needed and any class or level restrictions. After selecting the "Recruit" button, an add will be posted in the LFG chat that will display the dungeon, maximum amount of members, any class restrictions and your class/lvl. Players will then have to right click on your name and select "Request Party", you will then recieve a whisper saying that a certain player is requesting to join your party and you will have the choice to either invite them or decline. 
If you choose to join a party instead of creating one, you may use the method of requesting for a party invite from LFG adds or the F7 window will display a party list for each dungeon that you can apply for if you wish. 


X-Server Dungeon System (Queueing) 
The cross server dungeon system allows you to search for a PuG group across all sub-servers in your region. Pressing F8 you will be taken to the X-server dungeon lobby. Here you will be able to choose a maximum of three dungeons to find a random party for (both 6-man and 4-man). Once you have selected the 1-3 dungeons you're interested in select "Enter Queue" to find a random party. Depending on how many people are applying at that time, it'll take different amounts of time to find a party for each dungeon. 
X-server Dungeon Room
Your cross server dungeon room, automatically created when you use the F8 function, allows you to selectively allow people to join your party instead of finding a PuG. You can either directly invite people to your room, or advertise the room code and password (if there is one) in the X-server LFG chat. 

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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon System    15/09/15, 04:04 pm

Thnx for this, i had no idea about the cross server dungeon system. (not that i put much effort into researching the system in general but still, thnx).
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Dungeon System
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