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 Application - new player !

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PostSubject: Application - new player !   12/03/14, 03:29 am

In-Game Name: Nystrah
Game: Aion / Siel / Elios
Class / Level: Songweaver Level 26 at the moment
Country (optional): France

Referral: ( Saw the thread on the forum )
Past Legions / Reason(s) for quitting: No past legions

Why do you want to join Regias?: Mainly for :
- " Average age is 22-30+. (i'm 27 myself) "
- " Respecting Real Life "

Describe Regias' Second Law in your own words*: Are you talking about "No Drama / Elitism" ?
Well, I'm new to this server and I'm only searching for new friends to play with. I think that's all I want... having some fun Smile

Thanks Smile

I'm sorry, I sent the same message to Miirei on the official forum... Sad
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Application - new player !
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