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 Vet Player Seeking New Home [A]

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PostSubject: Vet Player Seeking New Home [A]   22/10/14, 07:50 am

In-Game Name / IGN: Raarsi
Game: Aion
Level / Class: Aethertech / 55 (currently)
Country/Timezone (optional): US/est

Referral: No one directly, although the forum post made me go "ooh, shiny".

Why do you want to join Regias?:

I want to join Regias not as another of my class or my role, but as a player.  Looking at the rules and mission statements of Regias, I admire the emphasis on the players rather than the pixels, which is an important value to have in a game considered dying to the point where even Gamestop employees are amazed people are still playing it.  It is that kind of quality that makes a legion a home, and that's why I want to join Regias.

Describe Regias' First Rule in your own words*:

The behavior rule, or as the leader of my last guild in WoW would call it, the "don't be a shmuck" clause, adding with it the line "if you have to ask for details, then you probably won't belong".  He might've added some other parts to that line that were not exactly suitable for family viewing.
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PostSubject: Re: Vet Player Seeking New Home [A]   22/10/14, 10:20 am


Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear the forum post was to your liking -- we've spent quite a bit of time on that so its great to hear it pays off Razz

I liked your take on the "Why do you want to join" and "Describe the 1st rule". Rests me to welcome you on board and wish you a good stay Smile You'll find all information you need in the Newcomer's Square & Legion HQ sections of the board.

Pride & Glory,


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Vet Player Seeking New Home [A]
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