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 DarkChromia Citizenship Request [A]

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PostSubject: DarkChromia Citizenship Request [A]   18/09/13, 01:04 am

In-Game Name: DarkChromia
Country (optional): USA
Class / Level: Gunner / 14

Referral: ...
Past Legions: ...
Reason(s) for quitting: ...

Why do you want to join Regias?: ... I am new to the game and am looking for a legion. I found the recruitment post on the Aion forum and felt that Regias would be a good fit for me based on the social aspect as well as the rules. I left a game due to guild drama before and I am not looking to do that again.

Describe Regias' Second Law in your own words*: My actions are a reflection of Regias and everything that it stands for. They must be just and uphold the honor of the legion.
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PostSubject: Re: DarkChromia Citizenship Request [A]   19/09/13, 07:05 pm


Sorry for the delay. Approved! Your forum permissions have been fixed, be sure to check out the [Newcomer's Square] for our newbie incentive program, introductions by your fellow legionmates & who to contact for an invite using the link below:

Pride & Glory,


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DarkChromia Citizenship Request [A]
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