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 Request Citizenship [A]

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PostSubject: Request Citizenship [A]   28/01/14, 06:24 am

In-Game Name: Elysiah
Country (optional): USofA
Class / Level: Chanter/56

Referral: Thargor
Past Legions: Noble Elyseans
Reason(s) for quitting: More personal than anything else.  Two years ago I started Noble Elyseans with a friend.  And thanks to drama and a couple trolls that got into our small legion we didn't survive and I ended up quitting the game entirely.

Why do you want to join Regias?: Because I want to be a part of a mature and respectable legion that understands that there are real life people behind each and every character you see in game.  That people have their reasons for turning the game on and it's not to get trolled on, get into arguments, or drama especially in a video game of all things.  Your Code of Conduct and rules reflect a lot of what I value when I play a game online.  All I want is to take some time out of my day and play my game with good people who aren't judgmental and understand we have lives outside of Aion too.

Describe Regias' Second Law in your own words*: Haha! Your second law reminds me of what my parents always taught me.  That when I walk out the door I'm not just representing myself but my family as well so everything I do reflects back on all of us!  If there's one thing I learned after going through a lot of real life incidents in the past 5 years it's that I have no time for drama or immaturity, and when I start up my game on my down time, I'm not looking to get into any drama or anything that might get my game banned especially after all the time and energy I've put into my characters (which is why I don't understand why people risk it in the first place).  I truly believe that Aion would be one of the top best games if it had a more respectable player base that doesn't spend half of the day hacking, cheating, arguing and cussing at each other in LFG.  I also believe that all the good gamers I used to play with have all left for the same reason I did, because people are not holding themselves accountable for their actions.  People take the little things so seriously, and believe it or not, a video game is nothing but little things lol.  Which is why I just relax and have fun!
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PostSubject: Re: Request Citizenship [A]   28/01/14, 11:55 am


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your application. I'm sorry to hear that your previous legion didn't work out. As you said, we play games to just have fun and relax, and if we want drama and the like -- there's plenty of it to be found in real life.

The poor community, what can I say. We're on a F2P competitive-based game so there's sadly no helping it. I do agree it's pretty sad, though. Members of the opposing faction making character names like "TrashCleanUp" and shouting macros every time you are killed. Members of your own faction fight and scream at each other over teamspeak for things like whose name is on a fort. It's ridiculous. For that reason we decided to try and gather all mature people in one spot, so that at least our legion is a place secluded from these things which ruin the game.

Approved, welcome aboard. Your forum permissions are fixed, you can now tour the member-only areas. You can contact the officers as found in the link below for an invite:

Pride & Glory,


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PostSubject: Re: Request Citizenship [A]   28/01/14, 01:16 pm

Welcome, i hope you enjoy your stay here with us!!


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PostSubject: Re: Request Citizenship [A]   28/01/14, 02:14 pm

Woooot! Thank you so much for accepting me! Do you guys have TeamSpeak by any chance? And how will I find you guys in game? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Request Citizenship [A]   28/01/14, 04:11 pm

Just pm one of the officers in the list you can find it in the link Vanland has posted.
We do have Teamspeak information can be found on the forum and if I'm not mistaken it's in the legion msg aswell.
As for now welcome from me aswell, and I hope you will enjoy your stay in the Regias family Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Request Citizenship [A]   30/01/14, 01:42 am

Greetings, new comrade. Welcome to the legion Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Request Citizenship [A]   

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Request Citizenship [A]
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