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 Chanter Questions Answered / Mini Guide!

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PostSubject: Chanter Questions Answered / Mini Guide!   27/08/13, 02:15 pm

Hi guys! I've seen a lot of guides and even though there's not much chanters in our legion I decided to make one since I know the basics about my class and a little more than that (thanks to the guidance of others). Please feel free to add on any other things I forget to mention or bash/ disagree with (please feel free to correct or give opinion~). Kay now I start!! mwuahahahah.

Gear? What should I use for gear?


First of all chanters, for chanters chain is the best, mainly because we are more defensive than offensive (and we DPS/ PVP with our heals and debuffs (basic chanter skills) which is why we need chain more for defense + we're melee).

For lower levels, I definitely recommend going with coin gear ( bronze, silver, etc.) <--- You can find these npcs in towns ( verteron, heiron, elten ) or in that map in general. (There's already a gear guide in regias academy so feel free to check out for more info.) Anyways get Elite rank # gear (the most expensive one for whatever coin you're using). When you reach silver coin gear, get SUNDRENCHED. To save kinah, I didn't bother farming for gold or platinum gear because silver gear will last you until 50 (it's that good!) and you'll level fast anyways now with reduce exp requirements from 4.0 and FTS (fast track).

Note: You may get a lot of platinums in your level 40s, so you can either choose to sell it (good kinah on broker) or go buy platinum boxes from npc in Heiron (I believe it's at the camp in Lepharist Center, correct me if I'm wrong).

These boxes may or may not give you lvl 40 abyss acessories (cost 40 platinum coins each).
After you reach lvl 50, you'll be able to get to go inggison [Balaurea from now on!] and you can farm mithril coins from rep quests (npc near aethercraft give them) or you can buy mithril coins (one of cheapest coins because they're so easy to farm, but only if you're rich and lazy).

Note: There are usually bots around mithril quest farming area (so it can be harder to farm but still easy).

Higher levels: Start farming kahrun symbols around lvl 55 (when you get to Sarpan/ start sarpan campaigns). There's a bunch of weeklies and some dailies to farm kahrun symbols in Kamar (you can pick up at Sarpan Capitol in Kamar). It takes around 3,000 kahrun symbols to get the full chain set.

Note: Kahrun Chain set ( Lvl 60 eternal grade, orange ) is also good if you're going support because of nice healing boost! Tiamat Guard Set is also a good support set (but takes a long time to get and you need to at least already have eternal gear to do Tiamat Stronghold which the gear drops from).


For lower levels: I don't know too much...you don't really PVP much if you're mostly on FTS.....Please feel free to add infos people or share your knowledge. ^^

Higher levels: Lvl 50s: [Access Kaisinel Academy through statue in Sanctum would recommend arena gear (if you do it daily, harmony, discipline, etc.) Don't know too much about it but it takes patience to get. Also recommend that if you get arena wep (shakujo, 30k crucible insignias <--- currency of Kaisinel Academy, can get this from NPC in Kaisinel Academy) fuse it with kahrun symbol wep to get pvp stats on you're pve weapon~ ^.^

Lvl 60s: When you start Katalam campaign [new 4.0 area in Balaurea], the campaigns will give you some pvp defense gear (no socket or enchant, but still good gear and its free!). These campaigns are fairly easy (talk to some npc mostly and discover katalam area) except when you run into asmos (especially zergs, it's bound to happen.)

<Blood Mark> This is the MOST easiest lvl 65 PVP gear to get! (You can obtain these blood marks from doing weeklies from camps in areas of Danaria <---[ 4.0 too ]and Katalam) It costs 496 blood marks for chain armor set not including accessories [get Fierce Skirmisher, best BM pvp set & eternal grade] and 230 bms for Disordant staff [best bm again] at Kaisinel's Beacon (heard its cheaper in some camps ^^!).

Note: Usually 2 blood mark weeklies at camps & one gives 8 blood marks while another one (harder mobs) give 12 blood marks. You hunt 5 of each mob (around camp area) which is really easy (except buncha elyos farming area too for quest or you run into asmo zerg, then gg).

What about AP GEAR?

ONLY IF YOU HAVE A HIGH AMOUNT OF AP, then you can get AP gear (usually a piece of gear is over 1million ap.....and you have to be like a certain rank to wear it, like 1 star army officer or rank 1 soldier, or elyos army general.....). If you meet these requirements go for it! ^^ Make sure you have enough AP to buy gear & still remain rank or get demoted to the rank that you're able to wear that gear. Have to say the gear is really sexy looking though. Can find npcs in Kaisinel's Beacon. *-*

Now on to Socketing....WHAT SHALL I SOCKET HRMMMMMM?

Chanters are a very versatile class! We basically can tank a little, do some awesome back up heals, and dps too~ ^^

Crit Strike: A VERY IMPORTANT MANASTONE TO SOCKET IF YOU DPS / PVP! We're not very good DPS so we rely on our crits to beat the fudge out of our opponents and TO KNOCKDOWN (will open up high dmge chains!). <----- GET GET FOR PVP !

HP: Survability! More HP = Last longer. This is good manastone for if you're going support (I wouldn't recommend support except for instances). You need this because you will probably be back up healing in instances and then them boss ads and mobs come chasing after ya.....so yeah socket HP for supports. :3 Don't do it for PVP please, I'll murder you if you do.

Magic Resist: Outdated but still useful manastone. Good in PVP and 3.0 instances (Tiamat  Stronghold, Dragon Lord Refuge <--- especially, etc.) Why good to maybe add for your pvp sets? To maybe resist stupid binds and other ccing skills that MELEE classes use against you and also good against those annoying clerics (since they outheal you, you can go MR and you'll resist their stupid magic skills. HA). Won't work against those stupid mage classes though (SM, Sorc.). Most decent ones will get through your MR........ =w="

Parry: It's okay but I wouldn't recommend......You need a lot for it to actually work okay.

Block: Only if you're going defensive....Can be good for open world pvp against melee classes.. Don't know enough info.

Magical Accuracy: YOU NEED THIS AMG! AMG.......*LOOKS AT BROKERS* So expensive......BUT YA NEED IT................TO LAND YOUR HOT STUNS!!!!! >:DDDDD <---- WHICH YOU NEED TO BEAT YOUR OPPONENTSSSS (that's our type of pvp!) . GET GET GET FOR PVP!  


Sets I recommend / or going to use:

Crit Strike/ Magical Accuracy: This is what I would use for my PVP set (BM whatever you plan on getting) and it's almost one of the most common PVP sets for chanter... for obvious reasons that I explained during manastone section. Crit strike to KD + hit good dmge & MA to land stuns pretty much sums its up. I would say get at least around 1.8k MA & reach the cap of 800 crit strike and you should be pretty good. I would also say SOCKET Magic Resist if you have extra slots, if you have eternal pvp gear you already have around 1500-1600 magic resist, you want at least 2000. These are expensive manastones! (especially Magical Accuracy so save ones you get!).

HP: With SHIELD & mace. This set I would recommend for instances for 4.0 (not 3.0 instances like Tiamat Stronghold that require magic resist to survive.....) and also this is good support set for survivability (equip shield for extra block!). You need this to survive since you'll be back up healing and buffing (and b/c of this mobs & bosses will attack you..). Expensive manastone and hard to find on broker (HP + 95).

Magic Resist: This is an important PVE / PVP set especially if you want to do 3.0 instances ( Dragon Lord Refuge, Tiamat Stronghold) because you need it to survive and also its good for maybe resisting some binds / or other cc skills that MELEE classes have. I wouldn't recommend making a full set for this since if you already have eternal pvp armor you get around 1500-1600 & accessories give you a lot too, so socket it if you have extra slots in your PVP gear. 2,000 is good enough (won't really help against mage classes though so you have to rely on your stuns for that). Fairly cheap for manastones (I bought 27 MR + 14 manastones yesterday for 2 million kinah).

Block / Magic Resist: (With Shield!) I heard this is pretty good for open world PVP and was popular with chanters in Korean Aion when 3.0 started but the information I got this from is a bit outdated......^^" Good against Melee classes in PVP. Not getting this set though.


Staff vs. Mace?

Staff: Usually our primary weapon for solo PVE (because it's more of a melee weapon + it gives crit strike and more basic stats for melee which we are). Also use for PVP......

Mace: Would only use this for support (with shield) in PVE instances for obvious reasons. It has low attack damage & basic stats are more magic - oriented (such as magic boost) and this weapon is more for clerics.


Know your Aion Regions !

[Elysea] - Elyos homeland

First of all, when you start out, level on Fast Track Server ( extra EXP + no asmodians! ) UNLESS you have to log into standard, would just say stay in FTS until level limit which is level 55. Then you're off into reality (asmossss..........! Tought life without extra exp).

Poeta: Newbie area......Lvl 1-10. Get youre campaigns done (easy) & kill some extra mobs and you'll be 10 by the time ya know it.

Sanctum : Elyos Capital! (Only can go here after Ascension quests from Poeta) You will find your skill book masters here (first lvl 10-25 skillbooks in Lyceum NPC then lvl 25-65 books in Protector's Hall). If you're lazy to walk and dont mind spending 200 kinah like me there are bluish - gray statues in Sanctum that take you to different areas (Dock, protector's hall area, Elyos Square). The one in Elyos Square is near the mailbox in Hall of Prosperity, Dock is in the middle near bar, and Protector Hall's statue is near the Library). There's also all the npcs you need including stigma master (at Protector's Hall, take elevator) and statues to Kaisinel Academy (Exalted Path). You can also expand up to Cube 2 at Shugo NPC in Hall of prosperity (cube 2 1 row). There's also an NPC when you get to level 21 that you can talk to that you'll get a free studio in Oriel. You may also get your weapons remodelled and skin your armor in Elyos Square @ the back or condition it (eternal gear). You can teleport everywhere too............although its pricy to go to Balaurea. You can also start crafting (at level 10 I guess) and learn up to 3 professions (not including aether or essencetapping) in Protector's Hall. Also come here for Steel Rake! (group or solo, lvl 40s instance)

Oriel: Just below Sanctum and city for houses. Seperated into different villages (houses are pricey so unless you have the money & willing to spend, wouldn't buy one). Just get a free studio.

Verteron: Lvl 10 - low 20s. Get yer quests done campaigns yadda yadda. There's an abyss gate to Reshanta above Verteron Citadel. No rifts to Altgard or Verteron (Altgard is Asmodian's version of Verteron). Farm Iron & Bronze coins. You'll get them easily from quests anyways. Believe you can do solo instance Hamerun when your lvl 19 or 20.

Elten: Lvl 25-35 ish....... There are rifts in standard server so if you're there be careful of Asmodians coming in from rifts. You can also go through rifts to Morheim (asmodian version) but I wouldn't recommend it. I believe the instances that are good to run in Elten are Fire Temple and Noschana Training Camp....but it's been a long time. Lotta running in the desert. + annoying quests from Eracus Cavern.....=.= Start farming silver coins.

Heiron: lvl 35-45ish....Rifts in standard server to or from Beluslan (watch out for asmos if you're in standard!) Lots of running for campaigns too..... Also several instances to do for campaigns or areas to hunt in. I believe to do Lepharist Labs & Indratu Legion instance for campaign. You cannot get these instances done by yourself! Must find group. Also do Draupnir cave for some extra exp & your plastic surgery ticket from Atreian Atlas. (sells for around 20 million kinah unless you're planning to use it). Draupnir cave can also give some nice drops too. Do Kromede's Trial (solo instance) at lvl 37 for that nice chunk of EXP. You will get gold or platinum (scroll up to see what I say about it) coins.

Theobomos: Lvl 45-50. Ugly & annoying too. (like most of Elysea). Lots of running and you have to do Theobomos Lab instance for campaign too. Rifts from _________ (don't know asmodian counterpart) to Theobomos only on Sundays in standard server.

[Balaurea] (Asmodian & Elyos)

Balaurea is slightly different because there are no birds (aethercraft, you flying with wings with no flight time loss) and windstream (leads to different places, doesn't take up flight time, just glide). You may also get out of windstreams just move yourself in an different direction (and glide somewhere, where ever you want to land). You however cannot get out of windstreams once you use the windstream boost... =w=

Inggison: Lvl 50+. Rifts from and to Gelkmaros (watch out for asmos around Silentra Canyon entrance) on standard server. No particular stuff to do except farm mithril coins (get some mithril gear). However you have to do Taloc instance (solo) for campaign & greater stigma quests.

Silentra Canyon: Lvl 50+ (recommend higher) Nothing really here. Open world PVP with asmos. You can do Beshmundir Temple Normal & Hard mode for EXP or for Stormwing gear (good gear, forgot to mention but I don't know much about it). You may or may not run into asmodians (hopefully you don't run into asmodians). Would recommend Beshmundir Temple Normal Mode (lvl 53+ and you can trio it to get the best exp....Tank , DPS , Cleric). You maybe able to duo it after level 60 (with cleric if you're DPS). Or you can heal an OP SW like me....XD (reference to Faylee). DO NOT RECOMMEND HARD MODE UNLESS YOU'RE GEARED & YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING & YOU REALLY DESPERATELY WANT STORMWING GEAR!

Sarpan: Lvl 55+. Get your campaigns done. Reian capital (get your Kahrun weeklies & dailies in Kamar too). Neutral area (asmodians there too except no PVP) except for some tiny areas in Sarpan. Open world PVP start after 12am EST & I believe ends by 9AM EST (not sure). Only few neutral zones during that time (which includes Kamar). You may do Aturam Sky Fortress in ______ Village (its northwest of Kamar I believe, forgot name) for decent exp. It's a solo instance. Raksang & Muada (group instance, raksang group, muada alliance) here if you want to get your Kahrun dailies done (automatic daily).

Tiamaranta: ~ Lvl 57 + The land of the Dragon Lord Tiamat....annoying greedy woman / dragon. There are four fortresses that Balaur capture sometimes (daily, but Asmodians and Elyos will fight for it). You need 2 or more of these fortresses to enter into Tiamaranta's Eye (if a faction has 1 fortress, they get locked out of Tiamaranta's Eye, but if they have 3, they lock the opposing faction out). Also can get Kahrun symbols dailies & weeklies from Tiamaranta once you start campaigns. You maybe also do Tiamat Stronghold in Tiamaranta's Eye (recommend only if you have at least eternal gear and have a lot of magic resist, but may drop eternal tiamat guard gear & good kinah). Red areas in Tiamaranta highlight areas with PVP otherwise its neutral zone.

Tiamaranta's Eye: Can only get access too if faction have 2 or more fortresses (Heart of Gravity, Wrath, Fissure, Petrification). Open world PVP with Asmodians + mobs. When asmodians are locked out of the eye, it will be asmodian - free. You may kill Key Masters (100% drop for key) or regular mobs (probably won't drop) to get keys to open to boxes lying around eye. These boxes contain AP relics which you can trade in. The Key Masters are usually in rooms but you'll have to deal with Asmodians, mobs, and other Elyos hunting for them too. So go in a group.

Katalam: Lvl 60+. Open world PVP + Sillus Fortress. Area to farm blood marks from watchposts. Watchposts may be taken after you kill the captain of a watchpost (so it can practically change status, from balaur, elyos, or asmodian, any second). There are only a few neutral zones. However there are these altars (sometimes with obelisks) usually near watchposts that you can go to that enemies cannot attack you (whether you're asmodian or elyos). They're these small purple circles if you zoom in closely on map. Asmodians won't hesistate to kill you so get used to getting killed by a buncha them (zergs, 6 vs. 1 ). Otherwise finish weeklies when the camp you need it from are green. You may bump into asmodians trying to take over camp (you're screwed). Higher level = more weeklies from camps = more blood marks!

Danaria: Lvl 62+. You usually go here after Katalam campaigns. Don't know enough info, basically same like Katalam except more zergy (more asmo groups out to kill ya). Pradeth & Silona Fortress.

Idian Depths: Underground Katalam. I believe there are world bosses you can kill to get Beritra Skin (black and blue, weapons glow blue, expensive skin). However I heard top pvp legions farm it so have fun trying to get it. A lot of 4.0 instances are basically here (from what I know, Danuar Reliquary & Infinity Shard are here). Wouldn't recommend doing 4.0 instances until you have really good gear, and are with really good geared people, and know what you are doing (otherwise you're dead meat my friend).

Abyss / Reshanta: 3 part of Abyss. Lower Abyss, Core, and Upper abyss. Forts in abyss (asmodians & elyos own it). Never go to western shard (asmos will pwn you 24/7). Tigraki Island (expand to cube 2 row 2) & Black Cloud Island (these islands are required to go to for quests, they're in upper abyss I believe ). Core (divine fortress) has Abyssal Splinter (lvl 50+ ,hard no one does) and Unstable Abyssal Splinter (lvl 60+, at least eternal gear recommended, good AP from relics & good kinah if you get skins to sell).

Note on instances:
Dark Poeta: Balaur-taken Poeta in the future. Timed instance, drops Anuhart gear (pretty good fabled gear). Lvl 50+, enter through abyss I believe & you need prequests to do it. Good exp too.

Steel Rake: lvl 40+ instance. Need prequests to do. Drops pretty good gear, okay for exp.

This is a lot longer than I expected...you don't have to read it all, you can just read parts you want to. ^.^

Credits: Cruellia (My Aion God & check out his vids too!) Faylee, Charismat, Daichan, Miirei, Ionto, sorry if I forgot to include you! (learned some info)

Here are some extra guides that give more info ^.^! Might be a bit outdated but still useful: http://board.en.aionfreetoplay.com/board23-aion-the-game/board25-class-discussions/board37-chanter/4259-shankz-s-guide-for-a-dps-chanter-basic-pvp-tactics/



P.S. Sorry I didn't talk about stigmas (this already took a long time!). Check out the links above to learn more about stigma trees!

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PostSubject: Re: Chanter Questions Answered / Mini Guide!   30/08/13, 09:59 am


First off, amazing work with the guide. I finished reading it a few days ago but since I finally have some time now I can comment at last. It's been stickied / pinned.

I especially like the "Know your AION regions" section. Would you consider splitting it from your post? In other words, could you make a seperate post for that section? That way we can all see / enjoy it. It'd shorten your guide (more easily viewable) and at the same time we'd have another great guide up for all to access.

So, some feedback / thoughts:
- PvP Chanters might be interested in picking up the fabled 55 colosseum set. It costs very few insignias, and it's a great help during instances like Arena / C.Dredgion.
- 55c2 is always an option, even if its just for the awesome skin. Kahrun or other 60 PvE Eternal (TOP) & 55c2 (BOTTOM) is a great idea BUT its from 3.0. For 4.0 you technically don't need the 55c2.
- Blood Mark gear can not be purchased cheaper at the camps, but the 65 Custodian (AP Gear) can, providing the items for less AP / medals.

- Theobomos part:  Rifts from _________ ( = Beluslan)
- You may do Aturam Sky Fortress in ______ Village (= Garldar)
- Katalam is actually way more zergy than Danaria (camps in Katalam are closer to each other, Asmo/Elyos towns are there, way more flight / teleport paths)
- Elysea is generally considered "easier" and "PvE-ish" area while Balaurea is noted for its tougher monsters, instances and a way heavier PvP focus.

Again, great work!


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PostSubject: Re: Chanter Questions Answered / Mini Guide!   30/08/13, 11:57 pm

Well hello there! And thanks for credits.

As to chanter itself I couldn't agree to anything more although I do have my thoughts I hope will become helpful to anyone and ever :O

Firstly, remember chanter is a very low DPS character focusing on chain skills and their little debuffs in pvp. Until you get all the skills you need to make full chained attacks and use your stumble attacks, you have to pick up the best weapon available. Meaning - although I do support the "buy silver gear and leave it til you get mithril" idea, I have to say for some chanters, especially the support ones, while leveling it would be good to pick up any weapon on its way. Leave the armor okay but it might be a good idea to pick up a gold/platinum weapon if you can afford it. Or try enchaning your staff to +10/15 (silver) to really have an easy way of leveling.
Secondly, crit strike/magical accuracy set is a great one but for DPS chanters a bold set - really bold set - would be crit strike/HP (and quite a good one for 4.0, too) and crit strike/attack. Now those don't come in as handy as the crit strike/magical accuracy but there actually are people who have lots of sets and well not every chanter has to get a stacked macc. If you go attack you crush things faster if you go hp you last longer. MAC is like the balance between those two. If someone gonna resist you, they usually will anyway. But those builds are only for very good geared people where your staff can give you enough base macc.

Parry - well, well. RIP that one. It once was a very good set for arenas. Support chanter with block/hp and DPS one with parry/crit strike. Now two (third incoming) magical-based characters have been added to the game which makes the set unoworthwhile although like I said, for those who have spare sets (O_O) it's a destroyer for sins, templars and rangers. And another chanters.

On a second note I think magic resist set is a great thing to own these days and days to come but yeah... prices are mad.

Dunno what else can I add to this really complete guide to be honest. Well, one thing for sure - pay attention to what your basic skills do! Each of them have a certain debuff and that's where our DPS is losing out but we still do have an advantage. Especially at lower levels. Good to know what they do Smile Like what should you use to slow someone down or slow his attack speed Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Chanter Questions Answered / Mini Guide!   

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Chanter Questions Answered / Mini Guide!
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