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 Chanter theorycrafting!

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Chanter (Aion)

PostSubject: Chanter theorycrafting!   24/07/13, 11:37 am

Slings' post inspired me to discuss my ideas for chanter builds, I hope wiser and more experienced minds then mine will be able to contribute something.

Sooooo, chanters, eh?. The problem and the joy of the class is that you can do a bit of everything, whether that is DPS, main-heal, support/second-heal, even crowd-control thanks to your stuns.

My favourites:
Offensive build: Because dying is fun.
Offensive build:

Defensive build: Because the cleric is DPSing
Defensive build:

: Because doing just one thing is booooring!
Mixed build:

So those are my "builds", if you're still awake after that go have a cookie, you deserve it Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Chanter theorycrafting!   24/07/13, 01:16 pm

MA comes in to play to ensure you land debuffs as well as stuns which is something you want especially in a dps build.

Average MR without buffs/stones is around 1.6k - 1.8k so thats a good MA baseline to achieve


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Chanter theorycrafting!
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