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 Application - Illuini

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PostSubject: Application - Illuini    Application - Illuini  I_icon_minitime29/02/16, 09:09 pm

In-Game Name (IGN): Illuini
Game: Blade and Souls
Level / Class: 45 + 1 FM
Country or Timezone (optional): Germany

Why do you want to join Regias?:Regias appears to be the most promising guild out of all the guilds ive read about on Dojo. Im applying with my girlfriend (Lilyth) And we are both seeking a mature, social guild that allows real life

What are Regias' "golden" three rules? (found under tl;dr version) * :

No drama about real life or in general

Acknowleging the fact that you cant be best friend with everyone and act mature even if you dont like x person

Dont tarnish the name of the guild, you represent the whole guild with your actions

Basicly normal guild etiquette.

Bit more about myself in/out game:

Been playing BNS casually since release. Tried Sin, Destroyer, KFM and now FM (at 45). I didnt think id like FM so much so I made a female .. cause why not.. But now it ended up being my main and I have to play as female D:> Kind of weird now that my gf also plays the game.
I mostly like PvP. As FM I only did 14 1v1 matches but I am currently 13-1 W/L I dont consider myself good or anything, I cant even do the knockup combo yet (didnt really practice on mobs yet) Been sparring a blade dancer friend most of my pvp time.

I dont mind PvE, I actually like it in this game, its just that dungeons can eat my FPS by a lot and it makes it less fun.. I like to have perfect rotation and do max dmg i can with my class/gear and sometimes with the fps drops its not possible (god bless amd cpu in this game that uses like 1 core xD) I mstill able to keep aggro all the time, but im FM so thats normal. I also didnt do BSH yet. I kind of had a break of one week and mostly just sparred with my friend so yeah.

As for other games, I playd all kind of mmos, all the latest titles that got released. Probably wont play BDO tho, I quite like BNS so far. Might just give it a shot, I dont know. But BNS seem more unique to me.
I also playd League of legends for about one year, hit diamond on couple of accounts but got burned out of the community and how peoples are in each single game. The feed isnt the problem, just need to carry harder.. problem is the whinings and blaming in each damn game. Cant stand it anymore, so pls no league of legends talks with me xD And dont talk about elo hell, also doesnt exist. I prove it to a bronze friend last week ( wich is why i didnt play bns a week) Went on a smurf account I still had, I didnt play for 8 months, carried all games with vayne and hes gold now after having whined its impossible to get out of bronze.

IRL I moved to germany to be with my gf and i currently work as croupier in a casino so untill mid april, Ill have odd working hours (night shifts) cant be online everyday at 7 pm like most. But it will change mid april. And in the meantime, I can still be more active on my free days.

Looking forward to hearing from you ! Can be quite boring without a guild and peoples to play with. Randoms barely say Hello in party chat Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Application - Illuini    Application - Illuini  I_icon_minitime29/02/16, 09:56 pm


Welcome on board, and thanks for your application (got your PM, no worries Wink) I think it is very elaborate, so I'll approve both you and Lilyth right now.

The reason why my reply is short is because we're actually in the middle of moving forums. The new one should be up somewhere this week, so until then you'll most activity on discord and/or in-game.

You both can now check out the newcomer's square for our welcomer's guide, which provides you with all info you need to know Smile

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Application - Illuini
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