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 [B&S] Rising Waters Preperations

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PostSubject: [B&S] Rising Waters Preperations   [B&S] Rising Waters Preperations I_icon_minitime10/02/16, 12:50 pm

Greetings, Regians!

Rising Water is launching today, so here are some tips to get you started.

The [Useful BnS Links] thread has been updated with the official patch notes and several other useful links (such as the BnS Endgame database) to help you on your way.

Video of the new Bloodshade harbor (6p) dungeon. Do watch it to learn how to deal with the bosses and how you can skip areas for faster runs. 7:30 and onwards recommended.

As for what soul shield to aim for, there is a neat guide available here:

As for items..
- Soulstones will likely drop in price due to them becoming available for zen beans. Now is a good time to start crafting those lv3 recipes.
- Poharan Perfumes will skyrocket in price for the first ~2 weeks due to people needing them for equipment breakthrough, as well as guild costumes at a later point.
- Blackwyrm farming will be more realistic as resistance charms are easier to make (updated recipe).
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[B&S] Rising Waters Preperations
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