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 Server Decision Explained

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PostSubject: Server Decision Explained   Server Decision Explained I_icon_minitime16/01/16, 11:16 pm

Hey folks,

I figured that some of you may be wondering why we went with the two most populated servers (Mushin and Windrest), seeing the massive queue times and all. The idea behind this decision was that eventually, once the launch hype is over, the game will settle down and the server populations will begin to decrease and stabilize. When this happens an overcrowded server will turn into an active server, and a now-active or easily accessible server will likely turn into a wasteland.

For the sake of the guild it is imperative that we are on the most active server, as these boast the largest amount of players and thus potential recruits. With our application-based system, no bullshit/teenage drama approach and casual focus (in addition to us being on the "less popular" faction), our guild is rather "specific" in nature and thus not everyone's cup of tea. Out of every 100 views 20 people may be interested, and out of those 20 people maybe three or four will write an application. For that reason it is imperative that we reach as large as an audience as possible, and being on the most active server will allow us to do just that. Larger servers also mean a healthier economy, more people to run dungeons with etc., so there's benefits in it for you, too.

So while things are not as ideal now, on the long run this decision should prove to be fruitful. Rather than "seizing the moment" or taking our chance with a less active server, we decided to play it safe and opt for what I consider an investment into the future.

If the queue times are bothering you I suggest you log in outside of prime hours for your server/region and stay logged in (i.e. leave your game running) throughout the day. That tends to help a lot.

Thanks for understanding Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Server Decision Explained   Server Decision Explained I_icon_minitime17/01/16, 03:03 pm

I totally concur this. These servers will be like Siel of AionNA lol.
But i still hate the never-ending queue that the game puts me into >_>
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Server Decision Explained
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