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 A Daeva at Hearts

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PostSubject: A Daeva at Hearts   22/06/13, 08:12 pm

It is unfortunate yet understandable how the PVP system works in this game. If your faction controls a majority of the Abyss the opposing faction gets a significant PVP boost. The idea of the PVP boost is to allow the faction with fewer players have a level playing field as there are strength in numbers. Asmodians have learned that Elyos don't utilize the strength in numbers ideals and banded together. So should the Elyos control 3 or more hearts, the opposing faction waits at the door to get into the eye, making it difficult to farm much needed AP and Kinah. 

There are a few tricks to overcome the enemies tactics. 

1) You if it seems that the Asmodians are going to be locked out, wait near the door. They will not have time to regroup at the entrance to get you if you are already there.

2) Use THEIR entrance. As smart as it is to create a blockade, the idea is flawed. They can't be everywhere at once and they choose to stay by our entrance near Notus. Simply use the Cindercone windstream to get to Satra (as Satra door is usually camped too) and run to the middle where the dragon is and jump down from there and glide into the windstream that takes you straight to the door. This tactic usually works for me but beware of Sadmodians that may be perched up on the wall. As a SM I can cast my spirit shield that protects me long enough to make it inside. Be inventive and resourceful. YOU CAN DO IT!

3) Enter with a full group or make an alliance to push them out. This is the least reliable way to make it in as people usually don't make it in and there are SO many Asmodians to get through.

4) Wait for the shortcut portal. Be warned that many Daevas choose this path and its like starving prisoners after one slice of bread when key hunting. Once portal is open its train or be trained. The competition for keys is aggressive to put mildly. 

Which ever way you choose to get in the eye, know that it would not be possible without every Elyos available to defend your hearts. Let it be known that Regias Corps stands strong in this event. Start alliances or participate. Just GO DO HEARTS if you can. You will be doing a service to your legian and your faction.

Faith and arms Daeva.
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A Daeva at Hearts
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