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 4.0 Battleground: Kamar Battlefield

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PostSubject: 4.0 Battleground: Kamar Battlefield   18/06/13, 07:31 pm

Some footage from a 4.0 Battleground for players lv61-65. A 12v12 Battleground set in a rather familiar yet drastic environment.

"Kamar, the once proud capital of Sarpan, lies in ruins. After the Elyos and the Asmodians left for Katalam the city was attacked and razed by Beritra's forces. Kahrun has gone missing, and the only thing left is to save the remaining citizens and defeat the Balaur's task force while keeping each other in check."


Personally, I love the soundtrack and Dark Poeta vibe xD


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4.0 Battleground: Kamar Battlefield
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