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 [55+] The Hexway [Group][AP]

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PostSubject: [55+] The Hexway [Group][AP]   27/05/13, 09:16 pm

Name: The Hexway (Hex)
Level: 55+
Pre-Entry Quests: -
Entrances: Silentera Canyon, Unknown Lands.

The Hexway is an AP instance for players of level 55 and above. It is located in Silentera Canyon and can be accessed once a day during set times, much like the Arena or Dredgion. Check the Aion Event Times & Schedule to see when Hex is open. With a competent party, the Hexway can be completed in under 15 minutes, making for a "quick 'n easy" daily AP boost.

Path to Hexway:

Recommended: 1 Tank / 1 Cleric / 4 DPS
Numbers: Each member will be assigned a number corresponding to one of the paths in the Hexway.
After clearing the boss everyone will follow their own path, and get their own AP chest at the end.

Quote :
It is the most common for the Tank & Cleric to be assigned to #1.
#2 features most monsters (5-dot normal) but no elites. Mobs often aggro in pairs. Ideal for a high DPS class with CC.
#3 has a barricade but less monsters than #2. Great for any class that can take down the barricade at start before the trained mobs go back in position.
#4 contains only two normal monsters but has an elite monster. An (experienced) SM or any class with access to CC skills or a self-res stone is recommended to take this path.
#5 has no monsters, but has 2 barricades that need to be destroyed. Perfect for Sin/Ranger
Inside Hexway:
Each color covered below:

Clear the monsters up until the magic ward.
Before going in, activate a Running scroll and make sure Cleric has Rebirth active.
Templar or Cleric will go in first and train all monsters up to the room with the X and move to either side (left or right) and die there. All other party members should run to the opposite side. Tank/Cleric will die, mobs will reset. Cleric uses Rebirth and resurrects tank.

Defeat the Adjudant to gain access to the room behind him (marked with ). All players will get 1 Golden Bundle & 1 Golden Box. The bundle will contain Balic materials / AP relics, the Box a random manastone with small chance for a Composite.

Templar / Cleric will lead the way back past same route. The group now splits up, with each members starting on his designated path. After you have secured your box, check if anyone needs help or resurrections.

Trivia & Tips

  • Always bring a Self-Resurrect Stone. It's your best friend.
  • Do NOT engage mobs or heal while tank is training, else you draw aggro.
  • Those who ran the Abyss Chambers will notice that the Hexway's interior and mob spawns bear a striking similarity to Siel Eastern Fortress.


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[55+] The Hexway [Group][AP]
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