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 Kahrun's Set for Clerics

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PostSubject: Kahrun's Set for Clerics   05/05/13, 07:13 pm

Hey all!

So, I was recently booted from yet another TS run for being undergeared. Fair enough. Basically, I got fed up with all the complainers who criticize, but wouldn't roll a cleric to see how difficult it really is and see all the BS they would get. So, I've decided to get the Kahrun's set. Pretty normal, right? Sure!

Problem is, everyone wants something different in their cleric, and personally, I was pretty lost in what everyone wanted out of me. PvE Manastones? "Use magic resist!" "Use magic boost!" "Use HP!" "Healing Boost..?"

PvP? Don't get me started.

Long story short, I've pretty much made up my mind as to what I want in my Kahrun's Set.


But I'm nowhere near getting a full set and thought that it would be beneficial for me and future members to know why I should use this set over others. Opinions would be much appreciated, but I'll throw in some basic ideas so we can decide better and discuss later. I'll provide info from what I've read on other forums.

Assuming this will be a PvE set of Kahrun's, these are my main options and why they are options;

HP- With a fully socketed set and our own buffs, clerics would get ~14k hp. However, this doesn't protect you from much. You'll get hit hard and have to heal whatever damage you take. I figured this would be the case, but since I'm really only healing a tank and myself in instances, it shouldn't be a problem.

Magic Resist- Good in PvP, but there are few bosses that use magic skills other than the last guy in Raksang. Also note-worthy is that it helps avoid godstone hits. Fun fact. But unless you're on a dredgion or somewhere else PvPvE, it probably won't help much.

Magic Boost- Definitely a favorite for spell casters, but since you're a cleric in a PvE setting, you'll be mostly healing, so it's largely unhelpful. That's what the cloth is for. Unless of course it's 1v1 mob fighting, but that rarely happens. It's mostly for ginding.

Magical Accuracy- Mostly useful only in PvP as your armor should be enough to help deal damage toward mobs.

Healing Boost- Interesting Manastone to consider. With the assumed benevolence spec of clerics though, it might not be needed. I've heard that with a full set of Kahrun's socketed with healing boost plus benevolence and the healing boost in Kahrun's, heals are increased by 50%. It would be a good idea if you could avoid being hit, but since that's nearly impossible, healing boost is at best a random stone to throw in the boots of the set, if at all.

MP- Throw these away. More MP would be good if there weren't potions in the game, but, as far as I know, there are these general goods merchants that sell weak potions that do the trick. Not to mention Penance and Mana Powder recoveries.

In conclusion, that's why I've decided to go with a hitpoints set. It's all-around decent, and no one should complain if they have a cleric that lives through more than two Aoe's. That's all for now, let me know what you other fabulous people have to say about this!

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PostSubject: Re: Kahrun's Set for Clerics   07/05/13, 06:40 pm

TS is a funny case. People expect you to have full eternal Kahrun/Primal just so you can do TS to farm for another 60 eternal set which has minimal stat differences. Logic? Anyways:

Instead of purely focusing on HP I'd go for a combination of Block / HP / M.Res. I believe this is a solid PvE Cleric build as it will get you a bit of everything. Block helps you survive those hits from melee adds, M.Res for spells and HP for overall survivability.

Healing Boost is an interesting option but I doubt the ~400/800k per stone is worth the HB +3 bonus you'll get from it.

And yeah, Clerics have it rough. People beg for them to join parties / allies, and if they do join they get scolded at for every mistake. Good thing you're with us, we treat you well Wink


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Kahrun's Set for Clerics
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