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PostSubject: K-Mart    22/04/13, 07:21 pm

So, I'm not sure if you all have this department store in Europe, but in the US, this was an actual commericial that they played on the old boob tube. My friend works here and he often gets ship for it.


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PostSubject: Re: K-Mart    13/05/13, 10:54 am

Funny .. I like how that employee guy remains all professional while the others look so confused.

So how does this work? You want something they don't have on location so they will get it & ship it to you?

And I don't think we have the K-Mart here .. at least, I've never seen them where I live.


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PostSubject: Re: K-Mart    03/07/13, 05:20 pm

K-Mart is in the United States and send to 100 countries around the world. In my opinion if i can't find something in my land i d prefer ebay or amazon and ship my shit for free. What a Face 
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PostSubject: Re: K-Mart    

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