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 Application Form

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PostSubject: Application Form   28/02/16, 08:05 pm

Hello I'll start playing B&S on Mushin as soon the Warlock is released. I'm looking foward to meet you all.  Very Happy
In-Game Name (IGN): Roy Masters
Game: Blade & Soul
Level / Class: Warlock (Soon)
Country or Timezone (optional): EST

Long Post Now Loading...

Why do you want to join Regias?:
I'm looking for an active/casual guild where you aren't asked to join 12+hours per day. I like the policy of 2-3 weeks and if it is more than that I'll leave a notice, it fits quite with my agenda.   study  
I work(at home with real states online(24/7) xD, study(5pm-10pm) and go to the gym(Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10am-12pm) so I barely have 3-4 hours per day at night 10-11pm (EST). But I can log more often on weekends that's why I can do the quota to be on Very Happy

What are Regias' "golden" three rules?
1. The "I'm too old for that shit" or "leave drama at the door" rule.
I rather stay away from the drama, just live and let people live Smile

2. Respect and be Respected or "You can't shake hands with fists":
I like this rule a lot because some people always talk a lot of garbage and I'm looking for a mature environment with mutual respect. I'm also glad that ignoring/block is allowed but hopefully it wont be needed if I have a problem beyond it, I rather let the leader/master know to see what would be a solution but I mostly go for blocking.  confused

3. Your actions represent the whole or "Responsibility: The Game™️":
I totally agree with this one even as a whole you take responsibilities as gamer overall  Smile

About other rules:
Looting: Yeah I would rather have the need>greed policy but if it doesn't happend no biggie regardless we do a run exactly for certain item and we agreed to it. I always play with my mate so we can  negotiate Very Happy .

Atm I plan to have 4 chars:
Jin Male Warlock (Main)
Jin Female Warlock
Jin Male Blade Master
Lyn Male Force Master (I would make another Jin if I could lol).

A long you don't mind I make them join another guilds I'm ok having just 1 char Very Happy (and of course fulfilling the activity quota).

Actually this rule was the selling point for me even when I plan to log quite often I rather have this limit than 1-3-7days or you are out. I switch between mmorpgs as I complete stuff or get bored but I will give myself notice in case I need to be removed while I'm gone for months to come back after Very Happy (if it's possible).

About discord is a great program but english is my second language/tongue so I rather not to use it(but I could use it to hear you guys) or probably in the future. Is it mandatory to use it at all times? Because I like silence sometimes while I play Razz

About Myself:
I'm quite addicted to do dungeons over anything else. I'm a pve kind of guy but if I happend to have the "need" to farm pvp for the last skills or something like that I could do some pvp but unlikely.
I like to negotiate that way everyone get their stuff or just split the profits equally if not just rotate between dungeons like turns there are many ways to make it work.
Chat with fun but mature people that can take a joke or talk fun stuff but without going to overboard Razz
Hang on with people to put their grain of salt or that pull their own weight.
To value people's time as they should value mine since everyone's time is important.

I HATE Crafting/PvP TO DEATH like seriously if you want to do dungeons kill stuff I'm your guy but for crafting/pvp I rather pass.
Getting help by high lvls to a point that they kill everything and I just pass through it :/ . The same about beggars They want everything without moving a finger or learning anything they "could", (Knowledge and tips are more than welcome but be treated or ask to treat someone like he/she was braindeath is out of the case). it takes all the fun or challenge of doing something.
Drama as the rule said "I'm too old for that shit".
ME ME people who always brag or tell stuff to others like "I'm better/have/play more than you" in a BAD manner for God's sake this is a game the idea is to enjoy it.

Well I guess that would be all Smile

Last edited by RoyMasters on 28/02/16, 09:35 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Miss typing xD)
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PostSubject: Re: Application Form   29/02/16, 12:28 pm

Hey Roy!

Welcome to Regias! Quite a long application, but from everything you've written i can tell you'll make a great addition to the guild! Alot of members are busy at certain times, and with a busy agenda like yours, you're more than welcome just to play at your own pace Razz You seem to have a good grip on the guild rules as well, the looting rule especially hasn't caused any arguements so you have nothing to worry about there. And about the characters you're allowed in the guild; you are allowed 1 main and 1 alt, this is just in case we get to full capacity, so who knows if that might change once we get alot more slots! 

Now with discord, we don't make you hop in the voice channels at all, but you're more than welcome to listen in and also join the regular text chat channels, so it's completely up to you there! 

With your likes and dislikes I can tell you'll fit right in! Everyone has their preferences on PvE/PvP/Crafting so in a guild like this you can play however it suits you. I can guarantee there's no immature stuff in the guild, afterall one of our rules is no drama Very Happy 

Whenever you're ready to join the guild in-game just throw me a pm (IGN: Sae) and once your permissions have been fixed on here you'll be able to see the link to our discord and drop in to say hi! Razz 

Again, Welcome to Regias!

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PostSubject: Re: Application Form   29/02/16, 01:02 pm

Thank you for the welcome me Sae Smile

My apologies for the long application (I tried to reply into the best of my ability Very Happy )

Yeah I'm flexible about the loot rules as long everyone agrees to it we can work with that. Yes I'm aware that 1 char and probably +1 alt is allowed but 1 will do for now as long there is not a conflict for placing my alts in other guilds as well but I want my main char and probably second to join this one   Cool  .

I'll reply through text on discort at the beginning but I'm looking foward to join the voice chat in the future as well to practice my english, please bear with my english when that happends Razz .

I'm glad that you think that I'll fit in Very Happy with my likes and dislikes   Laughin'  .

Yeah I'll join as soon Warlock is unlocked I even have my chars pre created lol. I hope that the cerulean restriction wont hold as long since I need that to join you guys :/ I'm glad that the permissions will be fixed.

I see you're in Australia, how is your ping? o.O? I'm from Panama atm I'm getting like 80-100ms :O

Do you guys use another social media to keep in touch like facebook group or/and whatsapp group? Thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Application Form   

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Application Form
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