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 Miirei 's Workshop: Alchemy/Handicrafting

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PostSubject: Miirei 's Workshop: Alchemy/Handicrafting   10/03/13, 03:05 pm

With some dedication, a few hundred millions of kinah and some motivation I am now able to offer my services in the following:

Handicrafting (519)
I have the basic recipes and am also able of making Idians and Hoverbike mounts. If you want a 4.0 craft or a craft which requires a Wright Token recipe you will have to supply the kinah or Wright Tokens.

Alchemy (499)
I do not possess any rare or special recipes (yet), but I am able to make stacks of scrolls of all kinds (Speed, Atk/Cast Speed, Flight Speed, Crit Strike/Spell, Elemental) and basic potions.



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PostSubject: Re: Miirei 's Workshop: Alchemy/Handicrafting   25/03/13, 11:32 pm

I'm just posting everywhere. I'm trying to use the forums more xD haha. Anyway~ ALCHEMY FTW.

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Miirei 's Workshop: Alchemy/Handicrafting
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