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 BnS New Content + Coordination

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PostSubject: BnS New Content + Coordination   28/01/16, 06:07 am

Hey Guys Very Happy 

Alot of you have heard the announcement that BnS is recieving new content on Feb 10th which will include: 

Bloodshade Harbour (24, 6 and 4 man mode)
Mushin Tower 1-7F
Hongmoon Level 1-5

This is a promising content update considering the game was only just released! Now I wanted to inform all of you that we need to start coordinating guild crafting. The reason for this is that you need a guild crafted item called the hongmoon bead to be able to unlock hongmoon levels. (refer to this link for more info on hongmoon levels + clan crafting http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-unlocking-hongmun-skill/) 

The items needed to initiate the crafting process:

  • 1 Gold
  • 20 Faction Insignias
  • 100 Soulstones
  • 15 Naryu Silver

Initiating the craft will then allow members to donate the items needed to craft the item directly.

The Items needed to craft the actual item:

  • 20 Yellow Hibiscus Extract
  • 150 Moonwater Tokens
  • 3 Training Certificates (purchased with 5000 zen beans)
  • 50 Moonwater Refining Stones
  • 15 Siren Emblems

This will then prompt people to 'sign' into the crafting slots to initiate the actual crafting process, this is where the coordination comes in.

Crafting guilds needed to sign into the roster:

  • Fishing
  • Medicine/Pharmacy
  • Cooking
  • Herbalist
  • Hunter

I will probably whip up a crafting roster on the forums for NA so we can see who has what.

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PostSubject: Re: BnS New Content + Coordination   28/01/16, 10:32 am

Saenokami wrote:
Crafting guilds needed to sign into the roster:

  • Fishing
  • Medicine/Pharmacy
  • Cooking
  • Herbalist
  • Hunter
Finally I have the last motivation to drop smithy/jewelcrafting without feeling bad.
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BnS New Content + Coordination
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