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 [Guide] Assassin's 2 endgame PvE options

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PostSubject: [Guide] Assassin's 2 endgame PvE options   26/01/16, 08:27 am

Since we have many assassin in both NA and EU guilds, I wanted to make a short write-up to help illustrate the differences in endgame PvE build choices.

For the endgame assassin, there are 2 main build options and differentiation you can spec into, those being:
Shadow kill/non-stealth build and the lighting kill/stealth build

Lightning kill:

Pros –
More burst damage
Stealth mode benefits (evasion, etc)

Stealth management (if you get knocked out of stealth, can be lacking in dps til you can get back stealth)

Shadow kill:
Pros –
Damage in both normal stance and stealth stance means more versatility
More consistent dps

More ping reliant
Need to learn poison 5stack and keep track of it

Note: both builds will have optimal dps at 5stack of poison

Build 1: lightning kill
pictures of important skill:

ideal opening:

(4) Poison breath for 5stacks -> (tab) kick for stealth -> (rb -> f  -> [4 if up])-> (1) shadow drain to reset stealth at 2s -> (rb -> f  -> [4 if up])-> (x) dagger-> (lb) spinal tap to lower shadow drain cd -> (x) if crit hook kick resets to put you back in stealth and then repeat

Other ways to reset/maintain stealth:

Obviously, walk back while in stealth to back of boss so that you can cast your (1) infiltrate as soon as you are out of stealth to go back into stealth

While in stealth (3) swiftstep will be spec’d to reset stealth, while using it, animation cancel it with (lb) on the way down so you don’t move any distance away from boss

Build 2: shadow kill
pictures of  important difference:


(4)Choke bomb to instantly get 5stack poison -> (lb-> rb -> f) note: I find it easier as you alternate between keyboard and mouse per press using (r) for lb to get the anicancel ->

when poison wear off (lb -> rb) mist slash [crit] then heart stab [guarantee crit] -> (3)  venom slash 1 posion stack [2 if crit] -> (z) mine for another poison stack [stack count 3 or 4] -> (tab) kick to enter stealth -> (x) dagger to stack 1 poison -> (x or 4) to break stealth depending on boss position/alternatively just dmg in stealth with (rb -> f) until stealth wears off  -> (lb -> rb) mist slash [crit], heart stab [guaranteed crit] -> (3) venom slash to get your last stack of poison -> (lb -> rb -> f)

other way to get 5poison stack: (v) can be spec’d for instant 5stack on already poisoned enemy on use

note: current in NA/EU we obviously neither have lvl 50 nor hongmoon skills, so using this build to its full potential is impossible right now, but if you want to get a feel for it, can still do the initial part of the rotation and then use stealth (rb -> f) until poison is back up

Video References:
Lightning kill:
Shadow kill:

Full Build:
Lightning Kill
Shadow Kill

Final wrap up:
Both builds require a 5stack of poison if you are looking to do optimal dps, so remember, even with lightning build be sure to at the least use poison breath when it is off cd. A lot of this is obviously pretty far off (up to 1year) but it’s good to have an idea of what’s going to be coming down the line. Both builds are pretty much equivalent in damage, so it is just down to personal preference which one you like to use more.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave below and I'll try and answer if I can.
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[Guide] Assassin's 2 endgame PvE options
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