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 Guild Application - FateFragment

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PostSubject: Guild Application - FateFragment   22/01/16, 09:50 pm

In-Game Name (IGN): Celica
Game: Blade & Soul
Level / Class: Lvl 19 / Kung Fu Master
Country or Timezone (optional): Switzerland

Why do you want to join Regias?
I've read the Guild describtion and I like the idea of not being forced to be active all the time, supporting and respecting each other and their play-style (Casual or Hardcore).
I was in many different MMORPGs. Mostly as lone wolf annnnnnnnnnnnnd it didn't work out well sometimes xD. So this time I want to join a guild, where I can relax and enjoy the game with other people and learn more about them.
And it really sounds like this guild cares about his members and in the same time it has a very fair rules to maintain the peace between them.
To be honest... I'm quite curious to see how this guild works and if it is the right place for me. (Of course seen from both sides xD)

What are Regias' "golden" three rules?
1. Leave the drama outside. No need to invade other people with its own problems.
2. Respect each other.
3. I represent my guild ingame and other places, sooooo no bad behavior.

Other information (for those who interested)
- I've never played Blade & Soul befor (I'm a newbie, still learning... maybe bit slow xD)
- English is not my native language so I'm really sorry for the bad grammar and sentences above. Aswell I'm sorry in advance if I don't understand everything on the frist go (oT_T)o
(I'm not really a genius in languages =X )
- I'm a casual-gamer (After 8+ houres work infront of a screen, sometimes I'm bit sick and tired of coming back home and sitting infront yet another screen again (>=_=)>)
MMORPG I've played so far (or errrrmmm tried):
- Guild Wars 1 and 2
- SwTor
- Aion
- Final Fantasy XIV
- Aura Kingdom

(Again sorry for my bad english)
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Application - FateFragment   22/01/16, 11:54 pm

Howdy Smile

Quite an extensive application you put up there. It's looking all good and solid to me, and I'm confident we can meet your expectations. If you have any doubts just hop on our Discord and ask some of our other members how their joining us working out for them. They have even been instructed properly beforehand, so you'll hear nothing but songs of praise and marvel.

Your permissions are set, so while waiting for the queues be sure to sign in to the roster and drop by on our Discord sometime maybe Smile Will see you in-game shortly.
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Guild Application - FateFragment
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