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 Vansk Application

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PostSubject: Vansk Application   21/01/16, 06:58 pm

Just a quick note. I have already joined the guild in game with another character (Caish), but I've decided I want to be an axe wielding maniac not a sword wielding maniac, and as I planned to join on the website anyway I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.

In-Game Name (IGN): Vansk
Game: Blade and Soul
Level / Class: 6, Destroyer
Country or Timezone (optional): UK

Why do you want to join Regias?: I'm looking for a nice, friendly guild to chat to and play with who won't be too worried if I take a little while advancing my character and keep getting distracted by wanting to try out new classes. I also need a casual guild who will be understanding when I disappear for a week or two muttering something about family, work and other things that distract me from hitting people over the head with a big axe. In return I hope to run around dungeons and the like with a group of fun people who aren't treating the game like a second job, but enjoying it.

What are Regias' "golden" three rules? (found under tl;dr version) * :
We are not at home to the drama llama.
Be nice, don't get into shouting matches with people not being nice, embrace the ignore function.
Do not be a pillock thereby making the rest of the guild look like they associate with pillocks.
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PostSubject: Re: Vansk Application   21/01/16, 07:17 pm

You did very good joining us on forum too. You'll find here all you need to know about the basics of the game, many cool and funny stuff and from time to time some events, managed by our fearless leader Reyland.
Also I see that you have understood our beliefs and style and that you agree with them. So, we'll have some fun together from now on.

Welcome, and don't forget to drop in Discord too: https://discordapp.com/invite/0YXwmMv8N22nWUcB

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Vansk Application
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