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 BnS Endgame

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PostSubject: BnS Endgame   BnS Endgame I_icon_minitime21/01/16, 02:40 pm

Hey all o/ 

With Blade and Soul only just launched recently I felt like writing a little something to help you guys out once you reach level 45. Some of you might already be asking "What is there to do at endgame?" and some of you might already know very well. Regardless, this thread will some up what there is to currently do at level cap. Although the content may seem lacking I can promise you with complete certainty that there is ALOT more content to come in the near future Very Happy 

1. Dailies
In pretty much every single MMORPG a big part of endgame is daily quests. In blade and soul, dailies are your current primary source of income. But because there are so many daily quests scattered throughout all of the regions in BnS, on might be confused at which ones to do. The daily quests which will give the most amount of money/any special materials are:

  • All Misty Woods dailies
  • All Faction dailies (Viridian Coast, Cinderlands, Moonwater Plains)
  • The Big 4 Dungeon Dailies (Brightstone, Skittering Tunnels, Hall of Ogong, Pigsty)
  • E. Fleet Supply Base Dailies
  • Blackram Supply Base Daily

2. Gear Evolution
As soon as you reach 45 your main goal should be to update your gear to it's maximum evolution. You'll have to farm certain weapons from certain world bosses or dungeons to breathrough and evolve your weapon, ring, necklace and earrings. With the release of the new E. Fleet Supply base and Blackram Supply Base, your are sure to be kept busy with something to farm.

3. Soul Shield Farming
Once you reach 45 not only your weapons need to be upgraded, but also your soul shield. The soul shield you will be aiming for will depend on your class and your preference, whether you need HP, critical, defense etc. You will have plenty of options to choose from as more content rolls in and also because of the opportunity to mix and match set bonuses and to fuse another primary stat onto your soul shield pieces.

4. Faction PvP 
Faction PvP is a rather essential part of endgame. Not only do you do your faction pvp dailies to get soulstones and faction insignias, but to also farm some gear. There are bosses at each factions base which you farm tokens from to obtain: faction uniforms, soul shield pieces, weapons and accessories. There are also 2 world bosses known as the "ogres", or the Vermillion and Saphire Terrors. These can drop materials necessary to transmute pentagonal gems to slot into your hongmoon weapon. Another way to farm pentagonal/hexagonal gems is the Blackwyrm world boss. This world boss requires a large amount of people to be able to kill and in return, can drop a rare chest containing Blackwyrm Essence or gems. However to be able to open this chest you need a key that drops from the Saphire Terror or Vermillion Terror.

5. 1v1 Arena and 3v3 Tag Matches
For the more PvP orientated players, your focus will be on climbing the ladder in either 1v1 or 3v3 tag matches, or both! You can also complete pvp daily quests and farm a currency known as Zen Beans to purchase things such as weapons and cosutmes. In the future there will be a 6v6 battlegrounds and some more pvp content that isn't currently released (or so i've heard).

Well there you go Very Happy Just a quick overview of what there is to do in the current endgame! I will probably update this as new content comes in such as Blood Shark Harbor, Mushin's Tower, and also level 50 cap content. But for the most part, I have covered all of the essential things to do at endgame. If you have any questions about endgame or anything i've written feel free to drop a reply!


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BnS Endgame
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