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 Izora's Application

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Roamer of Lands

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PostSubject: Izora's Application   20/01/16, 08:17 pm

In-Game Name (IGN): Izora
Game: Blade and Soul
Level / Class: 45 Summoner
Country or Timezone (optional): Scotland, GMT +0

Why do you want to join Regias?: I like that you value real life goings on and that it's not about "Get on at xx time for raiding" etc. I got really tired with that sort of thing in other games since my working hours change depending on when I'm needed. It's also nice to see that you won't allow drama and that you consider everyone to be equal which is really quite refreshing to see. Definitely too many elitsts around these days!
What are Regias' "golden" three rules? (found under tl;dr version) * : Drama is a big no-no, treat others the way same way you would want to be treated and take into consideration that what you do can reflect badly on the clan.
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PostSubject: Re: Izora's Application   20/01/16, 09:55 pm

Hello and good to hear you from the brave Scotland.
Indeed we are friendly and nice people and not too addictive to the game. Our real duties, family, work, school will always prevail but on the same time we will take all the fun out of the BnS.

I'm sure you will fit perfectly in our guild, so we are welcome you to our little family. Reyland will fix your forum permissions and as soon as possible you'll get the guild invite in game.

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PostSubject: Re: Izora's Application   20/01/16, 10:09 pm

Scotland, aye? Just been learning a thing or two about it myself. No official anthem, but "Flower of Scotland" is played so often that it may just as well be considered as one Smile

Your permissions are all fixed up. Be sure to use them to drop by our Newcomer's Guide, Discord page and maybe sign in to the roster of your choice to secure a 100% spot Wink

Will see ya around.
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PostSubject: Re: Izora's Application   

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Izora's Application
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