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 Kand's citizenship application

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PostSubject: Kand's citizenship application   17/01/16, 07:30 am

In-Game Name (IGN): Kand (vilkain)
Game: BNS
Level / Class: lvl 7 KFM
Country or Timezone (optional): Finland, GMT +2 hours

Why do you want to join Regias?:

The humour in your recruitment post indicates I'd be a good fit for the guild and vice versa. In online games, I'm a team player -- though I DO strive to excel personally. I've played online RPGs for circa 21 years, starting with LPMUDs in early 1995.

My strengths in personal play have been an encyclopaedic knowledge of the game, relatively quick reflexes and decision making (played an interrupt mesmer in GW1) coupled with good situational and spatial awareness. (I don't need a map either) My greatest weakness is my inability to play classes that only do their own thing rotation after rotation after rotation. Unless it's CC or debuffs.

Regarding the social aspect of the game, I'm happy to follow a strategy handed to me, provided I can question it at the appropriate time. (I.e. not during the raid) My professional expertise and status can be an asset in defusing and resolving disputes, and are an excellent personal motivator not to get pissy about a bunch of pixels and numbers in a game.

What are Regias' "golden" three rules? (found under tl;dr version) * :

"Don't be a c----" We all get -- or should get -- unpleasant things said at or to us during the day, or there's the coworker that eats our lunch sandwiches. We come to the game to relax and perhaps retreat from the conflicts of the day. Being pissy, while cathartic, undermines this function for the others, which is why one shouldn't use the guild as the void into which one vomits one's pain.

"Be forward-looking in your guild interactions" Would you rather that the one guy you don't get along with occupies a large part of your mental landscape? Or maybe just ignore that guy and focus on the positive? Escalating or even just taking part in conflicts means you're part of the problem. And are contributing to an an unwelcome development of the guild atmosphere.

"Regias doesn't want to be that guild and you're the point of contact" There's a douchebag guild on every server. Their reputation is built by the actions of the members. Soon the guild tag reads "douchebag." Be mindful of the guild reputation.
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PostSubject: Re: Kand's citizenship application   17/01/16, 08:08 am

Good day Kand

Loved reading your application. I am glad to welcome you to our guild. Considering you are from Finland, i think we have people from there. Hope its not getting too cold with all the snow.

I am uncertain on what server you are currently on. We are currently placed in Windrest for EU (and Mushin for NA but I guess you will be on EU). If you are on some other server, we shall be happy to help u catch up with a new char.

Meanwhile, u can join us on discord for text and voice chat. Here's the link so that you don,t have to hunt it in the forum: https://discord.gg/0YXwmMv8N22nWUcB

My IGN in EU is Jitzi. Just PM me (multiple times coz i hate bns chat n miss most of it) in case I dont get hold of you first. (For NA, you can find Saenokami ingame)

Once again, Welcome to the guild!
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PostSubject: Re: Kand's citizenship application   17/01/16, 11:05 am

Welcome Smile

Your forum permissions are all fixed so be sure to check out the newcomer's guide sometime.
Also be sure to sign in to the roster of your choice to secure a reserved spot -- that way we avoid accidental kicks in the future when we need to remove alts/secondary characters to free up space Wink

Will catch you around.
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PostSubject: Re: Kand's citizenship application   

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Kand's citizenship application
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