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 Regias Lore: Pre-Cataclysm - Present (Under Construction)

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PostSubject: Regias Lore: Pre-Cataclysm - Present (Under Construction)   30/01/13, 03:39 pm

Regias Lore: Pre-Cataclysm - Present


While war was raging in the distant Atreia, the citizens of Regias did not know of the existence of races such as "Asmodian", "Elyos", and "Balaur". They did not know of terms such as "aether", "soul healing" or "miragent". There were no winged daevas in this place, no Empyrean Lords -- not even Aion. There was just their own world, where the usual, daily life progressed at its own steady phase. Farmers would tend to the harvest, children would run around the town and play, adolescents would train to become knights, and everything was in perfect harmony.

You might be reminded of one of those medieval fantasy novels now. If you are, that is great -- that is exactly the image I am trying to sketch here. Well, minus the fact that there is no princess in a tower this time. But there will be dragons! Lots of them!

Cataclysm Era

The Cataclysm changed Regias' fate forever. When the Tower of Eternity scattered, the Abyss was born. And from that came the distortions in space, leading to the phenomenon we know as "rifts", portals to other worlds. Over time, the exact locations where space was unstable were pinpointed, showing rifts in territories which would later be known as Eltnen, Heiron, Morheim and Beluslan. This is the history as we know it. But there is a hidden chapter.

In the years following the Cataclysm, a previously undiscovered rift was detected in the Elysean sphere. It had remained hidden in an old stone temple, located in the once vast forest that is now known as the sands of the Western Eracus Desert. A team of explorers banded together, determined to research this phenomenon. After weeks of excavations the temple was unearthed, revealing a whole underground structure. Deep inside, the team located the source of the abnormality, coming in the form of a small, unstable rift. In comparison with the other rifts that were previously discovered, something about this rift felt off. Gravity levels were greatly intensified in the surrounding areas, and space itself seemed unstable in the direct vicinity, causing visions and objects to continuously change shape, appear, or fade from sight. Despite these strange phenomena the rift itself appear to be stable, and thus a research camp was setup in the temple to further study it. From their observations, we learned that the rift would sometimes "display odd imagery; short flashes of what seemed to be another world, or possibly even another dimension altogether" but also that this could not be verified due to the conditions of the time-space continuum in the area. Over the following months, no new reports that deviated from these initial findings were made. As the war against the Balaur was now approaching its peak, research and exploration was temporarily called off or assigned as low priority. Thus, the team withdrew from the site, leaving the rift and everything exactly in the state they had found it in.

The years faded, the decades passed. The Elyos had built the city of Sanctum by now, and were slowly but surely recovering from the aftermath of the Cataclysm. Life was regaining its usual pace. Until that day came. Massive energy fluctuations were detected in the Eltnen forest, from the same region. Sanctum sent an expedition, which managed to pinpoint to source down to the same stone temple which the other expedition had discovered several hundred years before them. The rift inside the building was absorbing all energy from the surrounding and emitting them in a way that sounded like a heartbeat. The expedition leader almost immediately realized what was going on and ordered an emergency retreat from the temple’s vicinity. The rift was stabilizing! From a safe distance the expedition saw how the rift finished absorbing energy. A huge energy field building and engulfed the surrounding area almost immediately with a bright flash. After that came a massive shockwave that made all of Elysea tremble. When the violence had quieted down the expedition members couldn’t believe their eyes. The above-ground part of the temple was almost completely destroyed safe for a small part, and later became known as the Kyola temple. The surrounding lands were scorched to the ground, and would later turn into desert ground. And most imposing, deep inside the temple now was a stabilized rift. Unbeknownst to them at the time, on the other end a new world awaited. A human world, where no magic existed. A world that perhaps never should have been involved. And this world .. was the world of Regias.

The Place of the Eternal Sunset

The people of Regias, too, had witnessed the birth of what would later be known as a "rift". That day where the skies trembled and a noise louder than the violence of nature filled every corner of their world is even in this present day still often referred to. The books and scripts in the Regias Library tell of the story:

Quote :
"There was a distortion in the skies; something was being formed. Before we realized what was going on a blinding light came from that distortion and obscured our vision. A terrible noise spread all over and sealed our hearing. We were engulfed in what we believed was the end of the world. When everything cleared up was a something circling in the sky. It was black, with hints of blue, circling around its own mass. We couldn't get close to it as we lost all strength in our bodies upon approach, leaving us to crawl away from it over the earth. Years later the angels would come from that hole and change our history forever."
In the following years a series of unexplainable phenomena made it clear that something was wrong. Crops were found to be forever growing; one could harvest them and they would regrow that same instant, yet never wither. The sun did not set, nor rise. People and buildings did not age anymore. Over time the reason was discovered. The city of Regias had become frozen in time the moment the rift was born. Everything was and would continue to remain as it was found at that moment. It was the afternoon of a summer's day and the sun was setting when the rift was born. And thus the city of Regias become known as the "Place with Eternal Sunset".

Balic Eclipse


The Regias Corps

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Regias Lore: Pre-Cataclysm - Present (Under Construction)
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