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 Blackram Supply Chain Guide (4-6 man)

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PostSubject: Blackram Supply Chain Guide (4-6 man)   15/01/16, 02:08 am

Hey guys! Razz 

As there was an article just posted confirming the release of the pohwaran raid with all 4 man (hard), 6-man (normal) and 24 man difficulties, I felt I should share a video guide with you guys to help you once you reach level cap! 

If you haven't seen the article you can find it here:

Pohwaran 4-man Guide:

The video linked shows the 4-man version of the dungeon, there are no differences in mechanics between 4 and 6 man, the only difference with 4 being harder. The video is outdated in terms of skills, however the mechanics are exactly the same, only that there are now more ways to deal with the mechanics due to our current skill patch.

Pohwaran 24-man Tips:

Above is a video on some tips for 24-man pohwaran. It's more of an open world type dungeon used for farming certain dailies, only with a player limit. He is soloing so it will obviously be alot faster at release since we will have more people running at once. From what i have gathered, the goal of the dungeon is to farm dailies and kill mobs until pohwaran spawns.

Let me know if you guys want me to dig up anymore info on these raids to help! Laughing

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Blackram Supply Chain Guide (4-6 man)
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