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 Introducing the Rosters & More BnS Stuff

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PostSubject: Introducing the Rosters & More BnS Stuff   12/01/16, 10:20 pm

Greetings, Regians!

We are starting in BnS in three days, and to mark the occasion we'd like to introduce a new feature to you: guild rosters. This is an optional feature available to all guild members with a forum account where they can claim one "100%" or "reserved spot" within the guild for the Regias branch of their choice (NA or EU servers). This means that there will always be room for the character you sign it with: if there is no room it will be made for you, and likewise your character won't be removed when we are trying to free up space for new members. In other words, you only have the inactivity check to watch out for. You will find the rosters atop the list in the BnS General Discussion section.

NA Server & Cerulean Order
The results from the NA Server vote and Faction Vote are in! You have definitely made yourselves heard, and thus we will be establishing an NA branch of Regias in addition to our EU branch. The faction for both guilds will be the Cerulean Order. Thanks for voting!

Rules Update
The guild rules for BnS have been updated with info about frequently-asked questions such as alts and the inactivity limit. We do recommend checking it out: http://regias.forumotion.net/t9-2-guild-rules#3664

As usual, check the pinned/announcement threads in the BnS General Discussion section for useful links (e.g. client download), server info, the names of our officers, etc. Anything you may need or want to know pertaining our stay in BnS -- it's all found there.

We likely will be gathering on Discord when headstart launch kicks off so be sure to drop by. We've also added an additional BnS voice channel for the occasion.

Over the coming days we'll setup a crafting roster and list the names of our officers for the NA branch.

Pride & Glory,
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Introducing the Rosters & More BnS Stuff
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