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 Liquorice Application

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Roamer of Lands

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PostSubject: Liquorice Application   04/01/16, 09:51 am

In-Game Name (IGN): Undecided (Liquorice hopefully)
Game: Blade and Soul
Level / Class: Undecided (Blade Dancer of Summoner)
Country or Timezone (optional): Australia

Referral: Saenokami

Why do you want to join Regias?: I enjoy taking games at my own pace (whether it may be slow and steady or grind till I can't grind anymore) and having fun whilst doing so. The most important part of having fun (for me at least), is to share the fun with other people. Being part of a relaxing guild is a great way for this to happen, and Regias checks all the boxes that I look at.

What are Regias' "golden" three rules? (found under tl;dr version): "I'm too old for that shit", Respect and be respected, and Your actions represent the whole.
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PostSubject: Re: Liquorice Application   05/01/16, 06:53 pm

Heya Liquorice!
Welcome to Regias. ^^ You shall find all the fun and relaxation in our guild that you desire Wink
Go through some of the sub-forums in the meantime and make sure to join us on discord (link at top of this forum's homepage). We are quite chatty over there.

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Liquorice Application
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