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 LustMike Application

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PostSubject: LustMike Application   04/01/16, 07:04 am

In-Game Name: Undecided
Game: Blade and Soul
Level / Class: Undecided
Country or Timezone: Australia

Referral: Saenokami
Why do you want to join Regias?:
Regias looks like an awesome guild! I've been wanting to get into BnS for awhile since a friend showed me gameplay of it, Regias seems to be a good guild because of the rules and community! I hope i can start my Blade and Soul adventure with Regias! Very Happy

Describe Regias' First Rule in your own words*:
Don't start Drama, keep cool and Respect other Players/Guild mates. We're here to make new friends, have fun and explore! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: LustMike Application   05/01/16, 07:08 pm

Hey Mike!

Welcome to Regias! We shall make sure to take you on a great adventure through blade and soul ^^
Go through the sub-forums if you haven't already and get online with us on discord (link is on homepage of this forum). We talk a lot over there.

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LustMike Application
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