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 Regias Christmas Event (2015)

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PostSubject: Regias Christmas Event (2015)   18/12/15, 10:32 pm

Greetings, Regians!

Below are the Christmas events we have prepared for you for this year's edition.
Since we are currently not playing any game as a guild (BnS is still a month away) we left the game-specific events & their rewards as you may remember them from the previous years out. However, instead of scrapping our Christmas event altogether we have instead opted to invest some additional hours into making sure we can still provide a fun Christmas event this time around as well. And thus, with imagination, creativity, a barrel of coffee and massive thanks to RageOfGod for fulfilling all my annoying graphic design requests, we were able to prevail at last and whip up the following. We hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays!

If you have any questions or comments or are just completely lost and need a hint on how to proceed -- just ask in the main thread  We won't give you the answers, but we can offer some cryptic clues on how to proceed.
> regias.forumotion.net/t617-happy-holidays

This event runs until the 16th of January 2016, so be sure to submit your answers befor then

[#1] - Christmas Retrieval Operation (C.R.O)

While flying over our forum, our defences accidentally mistook Santa's sled for an enemy vehicle and shot it down. Although the red man was able to masterfully avoid the brunt of the impact, the explosion tore the sack containing this year's presents in the process and caused its contents started leaking out. Although Santa was quick to notice and patch it, he was too late to prevent some items already on their way down from disappearing in the vast reaches of our forum.

Santa obviously was not pleased... Worse, he has tasked me with finding and retrieving all missing items, which are 7 Christmas Letters & 3 Christmas Trees. Since being lynched by an angry mob is not exactly my idea of a Merry Christmas I took up the job. However, since I also am your usual guild leader I simply delegated this task to others and watch them do the job while I sit back with a cigar and Bacardi. And that is where you come in.


  • Find the missing 7 Christmas letters and 3 Christmas trees hidden on our forum (the ones above are samples and don't count). Take a note of their locations as you find them, and forward the answers to me either via forum PM (click this icon: ) or via private chat on Discord.
  • They look as depicted above, but may be just a tad smaller in size.
  • The icons can be found anywhere on the forum. However, they will NOT appear in regular threads, so don't spend your time reading all posts.
    IF they are hidden in a topic, they will be atop the first post of a thread marked as PINNED, ANNOUNCEMENT or GLOBAL ANNOUNCEMENT.


1x Christmas Present <Red>


[#2] - Christmas Quiz

How well do you think you know Christmas? Rid yourself of any misunderstandings by taking our Christmas Quiz! How it works? Simply watch the Christmas videos as found in the main thread [regias.forumotion.net/t617-happy-holidays] and answer the questions below.

Send the appropriate numbers either via forum PM (click this icon: ) or via private chat on Discord. It is a good way to test your knowledge and learn how other cultures perceive Christmas as well...accordingly to the makers of said videos Laughin'

Questions 1-2 are based on the first video Christmas according to Japan - Click.
Question 3 is based on the second video An Indian Christmas - Click
Questions 4-7 are based on the third video The Story of Christmas - Click.

Question #1: What is the name of the feast that is confused with Christmas?
1 - Hanami
2 - Tanabata
3 - Christomassu

Question #2: Why is Santa's coat red?
1 - He fell in a pot of red paint that was positioned at the bottom of the chimney.
2 - The cops mistook him for a burglar and emptied their guns on him. His coat turned red from the blood he lost then.
3 - It is covered in the blood of his victims.
4 - Despite coming across as such a friendly man, he is actually seething with anger at the thought of having to give all those presents away for free. Since his coat is magical, it absorbs that anger and thus turns into the color red.

Question #3: What (holy) animal is associated with Santa in India?
1 - ..? It is still a reindeer no matter how I look at it..
2 - A cow.
3 - A dog.

Question #4: What was Santa's original name?
1 - Sir Santa of Claws
2 - Santa Baws
3 - The Red Man

Question #5: What were Santa's first toys used for?
1 - Making the children happy!
2 - Resold for money. Running such an enterprise at the north-pole is no free business!
3 - They were buried as witches, hurdled at predators, and defecated upon.
4 - To slaughter a great many enemies and build his future workshop from their bones.

Question #6: Who are Santa's aides?
1 - Dwarves.
2 - A war-like race of elves from the Red Planet.
3 - Awoken and angered spirits from this earth and beyond.
4 - Children that bullied others in school, and whose names were written down by the bullied people into a "Christmas Note". Santa then came and took these children with him to his workshop, where they continue to labor up to the present day.

Question #7: When is Christmas celebrated?
1 - At each full moon.
2 - During spring.
3 - Christmas is not celebrated.


1x Christmas Present <Green>




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PostSubject: Re: Regias Christmas Event (2015)   11/01/16, 03:03 pm

Just a reminder that our Christmas event ends in five days Smile Be sure to participate submit your answers before then -- after that time it will be gone for a whole year Wink
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Regias Christmas Event (2015)
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