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 [BnS] The Plan for Closed Beta (and onwards)

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PostSubject: [BnS] The Plan for Closed Beta (and onwards)   02/10/15, 10:12 am

First off no, I'm not dead. Real caught up with me, and since I was due for a 'true' Aion break anyway I figured now would be a pretty good time to do it. Last time I logged in the guild was still doing fine, as it should be since we designed it around a self-sustaining model where "real life 1st" is honored and thus the officers, too, can take a break sometime.

Blade & Soul
We're still en route for Blade and Soul. Their website (http://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/) has been updating with guides and info continuously, so you read that to familiarize yourself with the game and/or try out Blade & Soul TW (English patch, kudos to Seanokami for posting all the info @ http://regias.forumotion.net/t561-blade-and-soul-tw) if you didn't get chosen for CB participation or just don't want to fork out money for a founder's pack.

Closed Beta: The Plan
Here is what we will do:

1. Decide on the Server/Faction [Done]
By October 19th I'll count the votes in both voting threads (found in the Legion Headquarters) and, long live democracy, we'll go with the majority in both cases.

Since ping isn't as important at this point and WTFast is free now, I do encourage NA users to join us in EU or EU users to join us in NA for Closed Beta, depending on what choice comes out on top.

CB Server: NA
CB Faction: Cerulean Order (Blue)

2. Officer Selection [Done]
We will be composing an initial officer team for the Closed Beta. This team will consist of trusted members who will be 'spearheading' our advance into the game. They will also have two tasks: setting up the guild in Closed Beta, and finding us some new folks to join. Those that perform well will be rewarded with a spot on the permanent officer team for Open Beta.

Officer names are now found here:

3. Establishing the Guild [Done]
The goal of CB is to just try out stuff. So yes, we will strive to make a guild on the server/faction that came out on top, but you of course are very much free to make more toons, try out the other server/faction, etc. You decide how you play CB. In other words, you are not 'tied' or 'limited' to 1 character that MUST JOIN the guild in CB. Just know that our 'home' and most folks will be on the server/faction mentioned -- for those who want it.

As for the guild name, we'll just go with Regias in CB. We will make a poll after CB where users can choose to keep this name in OB or want a new, different guild name.

After Closed Beta
After CB you all will have gotten a taste of the ping (one of the servers), gameplay, guild system (hopefully) and one of the factions. Since OB itself is not due until Q1 2016, we'll be remaking the votes for both the server and faction after CB so you can choose to stick to either what you experienced and (hopefully) enjoyed or decide you liked 'the other side' better because they had cookies.

Furthermore, we will be throwing in a few additional votes, such as for guild name (keep 'Regias' or go for something new?).

Until then please do continue posting your suggestions, questions etc. in the Legion HQ and reply to others' as some of you have been doing. We do read them, and I will address them in due time.

So yeah, there you go.

Pride & Glory,

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PostSubject: Re: [BnS] The Plan for Closed Beta (and onwards)   19/10/15, 01:36 pm


The votes have been counted. For Closed Beta we will be establishing the guild on the NA Server, BLUE faction (Cerulean Order).

Keep in mind that this is only for Closed Beta. We will be making a new poll for Open Beta and think about what to do then, as some have expressed that they will be playing on one particular server only because of PvP/ping.

More info to come over the following days, so keep an eye on this section.
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[BnS] The Plan for Closed Beta (and onwards)
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