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 [Guide] Shugo Emperor Vault [40+]

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PostSubject: [Guide] Shugo Emperor Vault [40+]   02/09/15, 07:14 am

Not to be confused with the Shugo Tomb Razz

This is an event instance usually available for 2 weeks a year with great rewards. Entry is once a day for all lv40+ toons. Those with instance boost pack get 2 entries/day. 3man instance.

Always open to teach others, but be a sport and do your part by reading up on the contents below first Wink

General Info

- Going with someone more than 10 levels above/below your max. level guy means you won't get DP from mobs inside the instance.
- There sometimes is an aggro bug where the Templar won't get aggro through the instance (Sorcerer/Gladiator will get instead). This can't be fixed and if you get it its just tough luck.

What do I need?
- A self-res stone is very helpful and highly recommended. Tombstone of Revival is sold for 500 AP @ Consumables Dealer in Kaisinel Cloister so there is no reason why you should not stack up on them.
- Use a 4k DP jelly before going in. Use one DP skill on the first boss to get it down faster. How you use the rest is up to your judgment. I'd personally -only- use it on bosses and ensure I -always- have 4k DP ready for the 4th boss -or- the 3rd boss if we're low on time.
- If you're planning to go A rank, bring normal res stones as well so you can res fallen team members at 4th boss.

How can I further improve my experience?
- +Attack Speed % Weapons: These are -crucial- for Sorcerers or Gladiators. As a Sorcerer as little as +10% Attack Speed will allow you to get a 5th aetherburn charge in instead of the usual 4 and thus down all mobs before the aetherhold expires. It also benefits all classes as faster atk.speed = more damage.
- Chanter: Mantras are carried over to inside -if- they are activated before going in (can't activate once inside). Speed mantra is very helpful, as it Recovery mantra (+10% HP Recovery) and Hit/Crit Mantra. Once you are dead you lose your mantra advantage so try to stay alive.
- Gunner: Stable Stance is carried over to inside -if- activated before going in and gives you a nice 10% attack speed bonus which is very noticeable if you are rolling Gladiator or Sorc. Combined with the Atk.Speed on your guns you'll be loving the DPS you're pumping out.

Classes & Roles
Templar: Tank. Always in front/leading the train.
Pre-Vault: train and pull ALL mobs up to a boss or closed door while spamming "1" and Taunt. On the final boss before entering vault, re-position yourself -or- use doom lure when the sniper adds spawn.

In the vault itself, aggro and pull about 1-1.5 (~8-12 mobs) at once while taunting and spamming the "1" skill. Doom lure them to one spot, and move for the next group. The Gladiator will aetherhold/AoE, sorc will aetherburn/AoE and finish up the mobs you pulled.

Although you're a tank, you're more of a puller and damage absorber. -Always- keep moving, never stay put. Time your shield skills/pots well (shield when going bosses) to stay alive.

Never facetank bosses. Draw their aggro and kite bosses in small circles (going back between left/right of top of room works). Also pull some mobs during this time so gladi can aetherhold and setup Sorc for faster boss killing via aetherburn.

Gladiator: Use aetherhold skill on the Big/Gladiator mob after templar doom lured them to one spot. That way sorc can easy target and AoE. You AoE yourself as well. Your "2" skill should be spammed on bosses.

Sorcerer: Start using the AoE / Aetherburn attack on the big/gladi mob the moment glad used aetherhold. If you time it right you will get 5 charges in. It is your main form of DPS. When aetherhold wears off, freeze to prevent damage and finish up with thunderbolt/"1".

A-rank version

S-Rank version (notice how the templar re-positions himself on the Watchman mob so he immediately takes aggro of the adds)

All boxes can spawn a Gold Porgus at a low %. Kill it, and the gold/big box containing all epic loot will appear. You need 7 keys to open it, so bring enough Eternal Vault Keys beforehand. Higher chance for porgus spawn when opening boxes on higher rank.

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Posts : 1217
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Shugo Emperor Vault [40+]   07/09/15, 09:44 pm

Updated and turned it into a true guide..now go and get some A ranks Razz
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[Guide] Shugo Emperor Vault [40+]
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