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 BnS Classes: An Aion perspective

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PostSubject: BnS Classes: An Aion perspective   BnS Classes: An Aion perspective I_icon_minitime01/09/15, 10:00 pm

Azsurance (Aion player who posts upcoming/translated content for the game and stuff on his blog (http://azsurance.tumblr.com/)) recently posted some of his experiences with the BnS classes. For those of us who will be moving to BnS from Aion, this will be very insightful as it explains things in "our terms" so to speak Razz

Assassin wrote:
This class is exclusive only to the Jin race, and it ties with Kungfu Master for being one of the least played classes. Aion comparison wise, even though it shares the same namesake with Assassin, the playstyle is generally more similar to that of the Songweaver.

And yes, you have a hide but unlike Aion’s, the hide in B&S is not perfect and you will still leave a vague outline (but have increased movement speed). You can however, DPS in hide, and this allows Assassins to solo some bosses while remaining unscathed (mobs are unable to detect stealth).

PVP wise, everybody fears a skilled Assassin. You’re annoying, and you have a plethora of blinks and CCs and once your target falls into your completed setup, they can only suck it up and die. As an Assassin in Aion, you can blink to your target, but in B&S you can blink your target to you.

tl;dr - A setup-based class with plenty of mobility/CCs, few people play this class but even fewer can play it to it’s full potential.

Blademaster wrote:
Contrary to belief, this is actually the tank of the game. While the Lyn Blademaster is the sister class, one major difference that divides the two is that the Lyn Blademaster focuses more on offensive and speed, and their defensive abilities are rarely applicable to the whole group.  Aion comparison wise, this is like a fusion between the Templar and Chanter. This class does not lack in offense either; as most speed kill records for solo instances are usually first accomplished by Blademasters (being able to juggle offense and defense with ease).  Watch out for the Blademaster’s block in PVP as they can often chain to other skills to counter your attack, or engage you into a stun/knockdown.  tl;dr - A very balanced class in terms of offense and defense, but to perfect the defense portion relies heavily on your reaction speed and ping.

Kungfu Master wrote:
One of the hardest classes to master, and the least played classes in-game; but for a reason. It is a very fun class though, if you’re a big fan of combo chaining skills.

As a class, you have little supportive aspect to the entire group other than your signature acupuncture skill, which refunds the other classes their chi/rage (AKA Mana) and also crits every skill they perform for a short duration. Most of your skills are very conditional, so it can be quite overwhelming for the new player.

NC hasn’t been doing a good job balancing the class for PVP, even if you’re skilled, you will still face more difficulties as compared to the other classes. And generally speaking, if your ping is terrible, don’t even touch this class with a ten foot pole.

tl;dr - You can be a beast with both offense and defense, but that is defined by how much you really understand this class, ping and reactionary speed.

Warlock wrote:
This class is just one disgusting burst machine. You can think of it as an Aethertech/Chanter fusion; not only are you able to dish out high damage under a short span of time, you have a couple of skills that can buff up the rest of your group and put them in bursting mode as well.

This is why every PVE group welcomes a Warlock, even if they are not geared. One downside is of course, you’re terribly squishy once everything is on cooldown, so managing your skill cycles is important.

tl;dr - People love you like the support bra you are, highly popular and highly wanted. You’re also the epitome of cool poses and insane burst damage.

Destroyer wrote:
A Gon exclusive class, like the Warlock and Blademaster, end-game groups welcome a Destroyer. You dish stable and constant damage, you have naturally high HP, you have decent mobility, you have good (easy-to-activate) defenses and you’re the only class that can reliably perfom double stun/knockdown with a short cooldown.  What’s not to love? You’re every Aion’s Gladiator wet dream, and you’re greatly recognized by the fact that you can choke a target for the longest duration (the other classes being Lyn Blademaster and Forcemaster).  tl;dr - You literally carry everyone in the group. Plus this class is also quite stable and newbie friendly, and everybody needs you.

Forcemaster wrote:
As far as this class goes, you’re the kiting magic class with no cast time (if you spec your skills right). The standard ranged DPS class that can have an array of abilities that also extends to support, fire element for offense and ice element for defense.

You can’t burst as high as the Warlock, but you’re not limited by cooldowns. Think of this class as a fusion between the Gunslinger and Sorcerer. Plus you’re one of the two classes that can defend against ranged attacks without the need for reaction skills (has a cooldown of course).

Unlike the typical magic class, your CC department is largely limited to mostly roots, choking (this is usually used in PVP and not PVE) and ember stacks; the latter of the two quite deadly when used right.

tl;dr - A flashy DPS class, also newbie friendly being a natural ranged class. You’re squishy like the Warlock but in more ways than one, you’re better at self-sustaining

Lyn Blademaster wrote:
As the name suggests, it is exclusive to the Lyn race. This class has been wildly popular among players and even before NA’s upcoming launch, it already has stolen the hearts of the western community.

An ultra aggressive melee, and when it comes to speed, you have (almost) no equal. You’re like the offspring of the Ranger, Gunslinger and Assassin, in terms of DPS. Without a doubt, you’re squishy; but you have a bunch of defense skills to fall back upon, although not as diverse and group-friendly as the Blademaster’s.

You’re one of the classes that benefit greatly from a target’s choked condition as the conditional DPS skill of yours is one of the highest/fastest.

tl;dr - A tiny melee terror, but majority of the players don’t like or don’t know how to utilize their support skills. Don’t be that Lyn.

Summoner wrote:
Another Lyn exclusive class, this class is rated 5/5 easy out of the difficulty scale. You tie with the Blademaster for accomplishing solo feats but only because you’re taking the slowest and safest method.

Aion wise, you’re a fusion of the Cleric and Spiritmaster. In a small way, you can heal your group. If you’re a fan of seeing big numbers of your damage, you may not like this class as most of your damage comes as a form of DoT damage. You have some direct damage skills but they do not impress as much, all your damage racks up eventually though.

Your cat forms 50% of your skill table, so without her/him, you’re quite crippled in PVP. You can also perform a wide array of supportive abilities, as well as being able to readily defend against ranged attacks. You have quite a decent amount of CCs too, and they’re almost as annoying as the Assassin’s, especially during a ZvZ when nobody’s targeting you.    

tl;dr - Extremely ping and newbie friendly, recommended to anyone who don’t want to try too hard in Blade & Soul. Plus, you’re cute and you have a cat companion that you can customize and play dress-up with. NC has admitted that this class was created to attract females to the game.

End Notes: I hope this short guide helped everyone decide on their future classes, you can inbox me if you have other queries. I main a Destroyer, Forcemaster, Kungfu Master and Warlock on the CN server.
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BnS Classes: An Aion perspective
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